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Links to Musician Websites

This page lists website links for bands and musicians.  For a list of all musicians, see the complete list.

24 Karat

Female Fronted Acoustic/Electric/Classic/80's/Modern Rock   MDparty Site
2nd Stage Band

Classic & Modern Rock  MDparty Site
3 Tequila Floor

Rock   MDparty Site
40 Dollar Fine

Roots Rock, Alt Country, Blues, Oldies  MDparty Site
4Ever Erin

Folk, Folk rock, TRAD IRISH, Oldies, rock, country, bluegrass, blues and a spice of variety and we can play CHILDREN'S SHOWS and SENIORS' FACILITIES!   MDparty Site
The 8-Balls

Classic Rock/Covers  MDparty Site
AbiRose Band

Classic & Southern Rock mixed with Today's Country   MDparty Site

Rock, Classic Rock, Blues  MDparty Site
Against the Grain

Classic / Modern Rock   MDparty Site
Alton Street

Classic Rock  MDparty Site

Rock, Favorites   MDparty Site
Ashland Cafe Open Mic Show

All genres  MDparty Site
Automatic Slim and His Band

Blues, Roots Rock.   MDparty Site
Bad w/ Names

Rock/Classic Rock/Alternative  MDparty Site
Baltimore Rockabilly

Rockabilly   MDparty Site
The Beach Bumz

Beach Music Jimmy Buffet Band Beach Boys Tribute  MDparty Site
Beg To Differ

Classic Rock   MDparty Site
Ben Sherman

Guitar, all styles  MDparty Site
Between the Lines

Classic/Modern/Party Rock   MDparty Site
Beyond Empty

Rock  MDparty Site
Big Boy Little Band

Blues for Grown-ups   MDparty Site
Black Falls Band

Roots Rock, Driving & Funky Blues, Classic Rock  MDparty Site
Black Widow U.S.A.

Heavy/Power Metal   MDparty Site
Blind Owl

Acoustic Classic Rock   MDparty Site
Blynd Ambition

Rock   MDparty Site
Bob Brotto

Acoustic Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Songs from the Heart  MDparty Site
The Bob Lauder Band

Americana, Alt Country, Folk Rock, Roots & Snake Oil Music   MDparty Site
Bob Reilly & Joe Goulait

Acoustic/Electric Folk, Rock, Soul & Originals  MDparty Site
Bodine Brothers

Hard Drivin' & High Energy Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Blues & Outlaw Country   MDparty Site
The Boh-tinis

Acoustic Rock/Covers and DJ  MDparty Site
Boom Boom Jones

Rock, Classic Rock, Modern Rock   MDparty Site
Bottle of Blues

Blues....With a Twist, Classic Rock  MDparty Site
Breakfast Club

Classic Rock   MDparty Site
Brian R Cooney

Acoustic Rock and Originals  MDparty Site
Brother Bill

American Roots & Accoustic Blues   MDparty Site

Country, Southern and Classic Rock  MDparty Site
Built 4 Comfort

Blues/Soul/R&B/Rock Covers   MDparty Site
Burn the House

Party Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, R&B, Country  MDparty Site

Classic and Modern Rock Full Band or Acoustic Duo or Trio.   MDparty Site
Carey Ziegler's Expensive Hobby

Mystery Rock----Red Eyed Soul------Alcoholic Tantrums on Stage  MDparty Site
Carl Filipiak

Contemporary & Traditional Jazz / Hendrix Tributes   MDparty Site
Carl Hupp

Drummer/Percussionist  MDparty Site
Charles Parker Band

60's-Today Rock,Pop,Beach Music   MDparty Site

Rock  MDparty Site
Cheyenne Canyon Band

Country, Classic Rock   MDparty Site
Chris Monaghan

Solo Acoustic - Current & Classic Pop, Rock and Country  MDparty Site
Chris Montcalmo

Acoustic Rock   MDparty Site

Mainstream Rock & Pop Covers from 60s to now. Original Pop/Rock Tunes.  MDparty Site
Client 9

Party Rock   MDparty Site

Top 40 Cover Band with recording artists  MDparty Site
Coastal Flats

acoustic island/ rock duo   MDparty Site
Code Red

Exciting high-energy band featuring one of the best female vocalists in the Baltimore area who is sure to get you moving to your classic and current rock favorites!  MDparty Site
The Colliders

The Past and Future of Rock N Roll!   MDparty Site
Common Ground

Modern Country & Classic Rock  MDparty Site
Conowingnuts and Friends

Party Rock including Classic Rock, Blues, Country, Original music and little bit of Disco.   MDparty Site
Cool Breeze

Steel Drums, Caribbean / Island Music  MDparty Site

Modern Hard Rock   MDparty Site
Country Memories Band

Classic Country Music Mix  MDparty Site
Crash Course

Rock   MDparty Site


Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock covers and Crunch Originals   MDparty Site
Dangerous Curves

Hard Rock  MDparty Site
Dave DeMarco Band

Cover band - Hits and Deep Cuts from the 60's to today.   MDparty Site
David Levine

Acoustic Rock and Country from the 60's through today  MDparty Site

Rock, New Country, Funk and Pop from old to new. We play all types of venues. No place too big or too small. Dare To Try & Stay Seated!   MDparty Site
The Deni Starr Band

Classic rock with an edge  MDparty Site
Deuces Wild

Country, Classic Rock, Oldies, A good Mix   MDparty Site
Devin Musician

Classic Rock, Alternative, 80's, 90's, Country  MDparty Site
DLB - Don't Look Back

Duo performing 50s, 60s, Oldies, Classics, Rock n Roll, Classic Rock and more - "Timeless Music for Countless Memories!"   MDparty Site
Doc Rogers and the Roc Dodgers

Blues / Blues Rock / Classic Rock   MDparty Site
Don and Roxy - Together

50's to today - 50's and 60's, country, rock and top 40 - very entertainng - keeps the audience happy!   MDparty Site
Don Bellew

I play classic acoustic music...Beatles, Eagles, Buffett, James Taylor...Great old tunes I hope you remember...I hope I remember them too!!!  MDparty Site
Donato Soranno

Opera, Broadway Hits and International songs   MDparty Site
Don't Stop

Party Rock, Dance Music  MDparty Site
Double Feature

Acoustic Classic Rock   MDparty Site
Due Process

Classic to current Rock and R&B.  MDparty Site
The Entertainment Network

Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Motown, Swing, Disco, Country, Oldies, Smooth Jazz   MDparty Site

Variety - oldies, classic rock, country, swing & standards  MDparty Site
Excitable Ted

Rock, Pop, Blues   MDparty Site
The Fabulous Bel Airs

Motown / Variety  MDparty Site
Family Tradition

honky-tonk country and classic rock   MDparty Site

Classic Rock true to the originals  MDparty Site
Flatfoot Sam

Blues   MDparty Site

Classic Rock & Blues  MDparty Site
4 on the Floor with Overdrive

americana 50's and 60's rock, country, motown, doo-wop and disco   MDparty Site
Framing Clinton

90's and 2000's rock.  MDparty Site
Frank Florence

Acoustic Classic and Modern Rock   MDparty Site

Variety, Pop, Dance, Rock  MDparty Site

Funk   MDparty Site
Gary and the Groove

good time rock and roll  MDparty Site
Georgia Lea & Stone Cold Country

Top 40 Country,Southern Rock ,80's Rock, R & B, & More   MDparty Site
The Gigs

Classic Rock and Pop, Soul and What ever we want  MDparty Site
Gil Bruns

Solo Acoustic   MDparty Site
Gina DeLuca

Musician  MDparty Site
Ginger on the Roxx

Party Rock, Country, Pop, Dance, Classic Rock   MDparty Site
Gram Positive

Classic Rock, Dance Music, 60's - Today  MDparty Site
Great Escape

The best dance hits from the 1950s, 1960s,1970s,1980s,1990s,2000s, Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Motown, Funk, Disco and Country. Anything and everything you can dance to.   MDparty Site
Great Train Robbery

classic rock  MDparty Site
Gregg Simmons

Acoustic Rock 70's 80's 90's   MDparty Site
Guilty as Charged

Modern & Classic Rock and some 80's  MDparty Site
Half Moon

Classic Rock & Pop Dance Band   MDparty Site
Half Serious

Rock  MDparty Site
Hard Drive

Classic R&B funk dance music from the 70's, 80's, 90's & today with a side order of classic rock available as a 4 piece band, trio, duo or solo, depending on budget of venue.   MDparty Site
Head Rush

Modern Rock, Classic Rock, Dance, Funk, and Country Rock  MDparty Site
Heads Up

Modern with some Classic Party Rock   MDparty Site
Hectic Red

classic rock band  MDparty Site
Higher Ground

High Energy Modern & Classic Rock with emphasis on dance music   MDparty Site
The Hounds

Classic & Modern Rock, Americana/Roots, Blues, R&B, Funk & Groove, Dead covers  MDparty Site
III Day Weekend

Classic Rock   MDparty Site

Classic Rock & Roll  MDparty Site
The Inquiring Minds

Band   MDparty Site

British Invasion tribute band  MDparty Site
Jacked Up

Southern Rock ( Texas Blues, Jam Band, Classic Rock, Rockin' Country))   MDparty Site
Jaded Love

Danceable, Sometimes Progressive, ICONIC Classic Rock 1970-2014  MDparty Site
Jalopy Deluxe

Good Time Rock&Roll   MDparty Site
The Janglebachs

"Jangle" Rock - from the '60s, '70s and beyond.  MDparty Site

Jazz   MDparty Site
Jeff Powers

Classic Rock, Soft Rock & Ballads  MDparty Site
Jenni Anne Band

Classic Rock, Blues, Pop, Variety from the 1960s-today.   MDparty Site
Jerry and the Heartaches

Country, New & Old, 50’s-60’s Rock & Roll and Rock  MDparty Site

Variety Rock Music From the 70'S, 80'S, 90'S & Beyond   MDparty Site
Jimmy Brink

Rock, Swing, Surf, Blues, R&B, Old Soul, Rock-a-billy, Alt Country, Folk and Funk  MDparty Site
Joel McGuire

Fun songs from the 1960's - today.   MDparty Site
Johnny Dee

1-Man-Band! OPEN MIC, Classic Rock, Oldies, Country, Cocktail, Singalong   MDparty Site

Popular, Rock, Country from the 60's to Present   MDparty Site
Josh & Good Old Stuff with Josh Christina

50's rock n roll and country  MDparty Site
Joy Bodycomb Band

Blues, Rock, Country   MDparty Site

Old-school Soul (Otis, Aeretha, Wilson, etc), rock and Motown  MDparty Site
JR Country*Rock

Outlaw Country, Classic and Southern Rock   MDparty Site
Kajun Kelley

Original hard rock with some cool covers thrown in the mix  MDparty Site

Variety Dance Band   MDparty Site
The Kane Gang

Country  MDparty Site
The Karma Sharkz

Classic & Modern Dance Rock   MDparty Site
Ken & Wayne

Acoustic Guitar Duo, Solo Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Guitar with Percussion   MDparty Site
Kenny Ray Horton

Gold Record Awarded Sing/Songwriter playing Country, Classic Rock and Bluegrass!   MDparty Site

80's Metal Tribute Band / Classic & Hard Rock Covers / Korupt original music  MDparty Site

Rock,Soul, R&B, Country,Hop, Pop, Standards   MDparty Site

rock, post grunge, alternative  MDparty Site
Liberty Road

Acoustic Classic Rock & Country   MDparty Site
Los Swamp Monsters

Rockabilly/Garage Rock/Americana  MDparty Site

Jazz Ensemble   MDparty Site
The LutherVillains

Classic and modern rock covers.  MDparty Site
Lyle Montanye

guitar & vocal, classic to contemporary audience favorites   MDparty Site
The Majestics

R&B/Variety/ Classic Rock  MDparty Site
Mark & Da Sharks

Jimmy Buffett Island calypso music along with classic rock and a touch of country   MDparty Site
Mark Alan

Acoustic * Rock * Country * Easy Listening  MDparty Site
Mark Jacob

Acoustic classic and new rock,country   MDparty Site
Mary Shaver Band

The McDuffees

Country-Rock   MDparty Site
Meridian One

Modern Rock  MDparty Site
Metal Factor

80's & 90's Heavy Metal   MDparty Site

Classic & Modern Rock  MDparty Site
Michele and Ed

Acoustic Rock, Blues, Standards   MDparty Site
Mike Needer

Classic & Modern Rock as well as Modern Country - Full Drum Kit or Acoustic Hybrid (Latin Percussion/Electric Drums)  MDparty Site
Mike White & Dave Mattheiss

Acoustic/Electric Guitar & Vocal Duo   MDparty Site

Rock Cover Band~Wedding Band~Original Band~Acoustic~DJ Services  MDparty Site
Miss Moses - An Americana Band

Americana Folk, Roots, Rock, Blues, Alt. Country   MDparty Site
MR B & the Tides

oldies variety - rock n roll- classic rock motown- country  MDparty Site

Rock, Roll, Blues, and Soul   MDparty Site
Never Say Never

Acoustic Rock  MDparty Site
Never Too Late

Classic Rock,Oldies and some Country   MDparty Site
The New Romance

80's Party Music  MDparty Site
Night Flight

Classic & Southern Rock, Blues, Originals   MDparty Site
Norm & Carlos

Live Music Duo  MDparty Site
Not Dead Yet

70's/80's/90's Rock & Metal   MDparty Site
Number 1 Cause

Rock  MDparty Site
The Odd Couple + 1

Pop, Rock, Top 40, Blues, R&B, Standards, Jazz, Swing, Oldies, Motown   MDparty Site
Odd Couple Plus One

Variety Trio  MDparty Site
Old Skool

Old Skool Rock   MDparty Site
One Third Wish

Electric/acoustic rock duo  MDparty Site

Variety - Classic Rock, Motown, Top 40 / Dance, Oldies, Country, Swing, Techno   MDparty Site
Orlando Phillips

Caribbean Island Music  MDparty Site
Panama Rex Band

Jimmy Buffett   MDparty Site
Pat Owens

Country | Modern Rock | Classic Rock  MDparty Site
Pet Rock

Hits from the 60's thru the 90's ... a great mix of oldies, classic, country & blues.   MDparty Site
Phoenix Rising

Non-stop energy, performing a carefully arranged blend of dance/rock hits -- Top 40, modern rock, 90s, 80s... geared toward packed dance floors and raised hands!  MDparty Site
Piper Bateman

Popular Music- all genres   MDparty Site
Poole and Cross

Soft Rock /Acoustic Rock /Country Rock  MDparty Site
Project in Fidelity

Radio Monkey

classic metal 80s 90s alternative / grunge, current rock  MDparty Site
Random Impact

Classic Rock/Current   MDparty Site

Rock and Modern Rock . New rock with a little of the good old stuff .  MDparty Site

Maryland's Premier Eclectic Band   MDparty Site

Acoustic Classic, Modern, and Current Rock and some Country...  MDparty Site
Remains of Radio

Groovy Rock for the Radio Generation   MDparty Site

Classic/Modern Country/Dance/Rock  MDparty Site

40s,50s, 60s, 70s and beyond oldies/variety dance band performing driving rock and roll, ballads, R&B, swing and other styles of dance music, including classic instrumentals, country, standards, and blues.   MDparty Site

CLASSIC ROCK...Journey, Benatar, AC/DC, Heart, Styx, Cars, Scorpions, Crack the Sky and more.....  MDparty Site
Rich and the Roadrunners

Classic Variety/Classic Rock/Oldies   MDparty Site
Rich Mascari

Rock, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Ect. Ect. Ect  MDparty Site
Richard Walton

Group: original contemporary instrumental jazz / Solo: acoustic singer songwriter / Three's A Crowd: female & male vocal acoustic duo   MDparty Site
The Riverdogs

Classic Rock - Modern Country & Kick Ass Oldies !  MDparty Site
Robin & The Rhythmix

Variety Band......Classic Rock, Pop, Dance, Oldies & Country   MDparty Site
Robyn B w JC

Acoustic   MDparty Site
Rock & Roll Relics

Oldies and Classic Rock   MDparty Site
Rod & Real

Modern Country & Southern Rock  MDparty Site
Ron Kraft

Classic Rock, Contemporary, Country and Oldies   MDparty Site
Ronnie Wayne & TideWater Band

Country Band / New, Classic and Southern  MDparty Site
Rudy's Boys

Fun, Pop, Rock, R&B   MDparty Site
Safe Harbor

Acoustic covers of Classic Rock, Pop & Country plus our original songs  MDparty Site
Sam Brewer

Solo Acoustic (Rock, Country, Pop, 1960's-today)   MDparty Site
Sara and The Igniters

Pop Rock/Classic Rock/Today's Country  MDparty Site

Modern Rock   MDparty Site
Shadow Call

Rock, Classic Rock, Modern Rock (With an Aggressive Hard Edge)  MDparty Site

Power Vocals, Blues, Old School R&B and Soul   MDparty Site

Classic Rock/Oldies  MDparty Site
Simple Theory

Rock   MDparty Site
Sleek Zeke

Dance, Top 40, beach tunes, classic rock, show tunes, dance music at it's best!  MDparty Site
Slim Jimmy Band

Classic Rock - Party Rock - Hard Rock - Get you on the DANCE FLOOR FUNKY ROCK ! ;-)   MDparty Site
Sloe Jim

Classic Modern Rock (seasonal Beach Music,Irish Music)-Performing in a Solo-Duo- Band  MDparty Site

Southern Rock Band   MDparty Site

band  MDparty Site
Sonic Daze

Modern, Classic and Punk Rock   MDparty Site
Sound Storm

Motown,Rockin Soul. and Rhythm and Blues.Funk, and Classic Rock  MDparty Site
Speed of Sound; The Paul McCartney Experience

Tribute Band   MDparty Site

A Whimsical Twist of Rock from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and up Today. Classic & Modern Rock, Pop, and More. The Stuff That Makes You Move!   MDparty Site
Split2nd Band

While primary a Classic Rock band, this Party Band cover all your favorites tunes from the 60s to today’s music; Motown to Country to Pop and stretching across a variety of popular musical genres.   MDparty Site
Stack Jones

Band,Modern/Classic rock, easy listening, acoustic Duo, all styles, DJ  MDparty Site
Steel Force

Kick Ass Classic Rock   MDparty Site
The Steel Pier Band

50's medley - 80's Pop, Classic Rock, Mowtown, & some 90's   MDparty Site
The Stepbrothers

classic rock and roll and pop   MDparty Site

Classic/Modern Rock   MDparty Site
Str84ward Band

Southern Rock   MDparty Site
Straight Flush

Classic Rock, Motown, Oldies  MDparty Site
Strait Shooter

Rock, Country and everything in between!!   MDparty Site
Striptease Weasel

Hard Rock Cover Band  MDparty Site

*** 20th CENTURY ROCK COVER BAND ***   MDparty Site

Alternative, Classic Rock  MDparty Site
Synful Pleasure

All Electronic 80’s Synthpop, New Wave, Alternative   MDparty Site
Tainted Souls

Classic Rock and Modern/Dance/Country  MDparty Site
Tall In The Saddle

Classic Rock   MDparty Site

Classic Rock of the 60's,70's,80's to present  MDparty Site
Think Tank

Acoustic Rock Trio   MDparty Site
This Your Monkey?

Acoustic Classic Rock, with a side or two of Country. Songs from the early 60's to current  MDparty Site
Three Sheets and the Wind

Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, R&B, Indie, Progressive, Eclectic   MDparty Site
Til September

Time Will Tell

Classic Rock Trio - (acoustic/electric)   MDparty Site
Tom Reyes on Piano

Jazz Pianist  MDparty Site
Tony K. Roulhac

Rock, Country, Singer-Songwriter, Looping, 90's, Hip-Hop   MDparty Site
Top Shelf

Acoustic Rock,Pop,Classic & Today  MDparty Site
Train Wreck

Off-The-Rails Classic Alternative Rock and Roll   MDparty Site
Troubled Spirit

<br>Classic Rock/Modern Rock/Original  MDparty Site
The Uncommitted

PARTY DANCE BAND! The Uncommitted delivers the best female fronted high-energy dance show with all your favorite hits of pop, rock, top 40 & more from the 80's thru 2day!   MDparty Site
Under the Covers

Professional Party-Rock Cover Band  MDparty Site
The Vicki Roberts Band

Acoustic Trio , Classic Rock, Country, Blues, Top 40, Dance   MDparty Site
Viki Dee

Top 40,Adult Contemporary, Jazz  MDparty Site
Walk-Ins Welcome

High Energy Modern Country   MDparty Site
Wes Cohen

Acoustic Rock  MDparty Site

Classic Rock, Blues, Southern Rock, Rhythm & Blues and more   MDparty Site
The Whiskey Brothers

Classic / American Rock-N-Roll   MDparty Site
Whisky Train

Classic & Modern "Party Rock"   MDparty Site
The Willig Boys

Acoustic Classic Rock, Country and Americana  MDparty Site
Windows ninety-five

90s rock, classic rock, a little country...all the good stuff   MDparty Site
Wolfs Music

Blues, Blues, Blues - shows & blues jams!  MDparty Site
Wylde Fire

YOUR PREMIER PARTY BAND! - Get up & DANCE music!! Rockin' all your favorite tunes from yesterday through today!   MDparty Site
Zig Zag

Classic & Modern dance and party Rock 'N Roll covers  MDparty Site

Featured Venues
Avalon Resort
Paw Paw, WV

Coon Club
Hampstead, MD

Costas Inn
Baltimore, MD

The Crazy Tuna Bar & Grille
Baltimore, MD

The Gentleman's Gold Club
Baltimore, MD

Hightopps Backstage Grille
Timonium, MD

Hutson's Lake Shore Tavern
Pasadena, MD

Looney's Pub North
Bel Air, MD

Parkville, MD

Morsberger's Tavern
Catonsville, MD

Padonia Ale House
Timonium, MD

Phillips Pub and Grill
Dundalk, MD

River Watch Restaurant
Middle River, MD

Stables Restaurant
Westminster, MD

Sylvester's Saloon
Essex, MD

Ye Olde Emerald Tavern
Baltimore, MD

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