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Subject From Date
Vocalist / Guitarist
Catonsville (Performer Wanted)
DeClassified 4/23/2014   20:54
Experienced Drummer Available
Severna Park (Performer Available)
DW Drummer 4/23/2014   19:05
Rock Keyboardist Available
Bel Air (Performer Available)
Hal Leiter 4/23/2014   18:35
Lead Guitar ready to play
Baltimore (Performer Available)
Rob 4/23/2014   17:29
Experienced sax
Baltimore County (Performer Available)
Ed 4/23/2014   12:06
"Time Will Tell" performing at Bowman Restaurant Sat.-(4/26) from 9:30-1:30
Parkville-Carney, Baltimore County, MD 21234 (Announcements)
"Time Will Tell" 4/23/2014   07:18
Re: Keyboard Player available
Pasadena Maryland (General Board)
Don Gurney 4/22/2014   16:15
Lead Guitaris Needed
Wahite Marsh (Performer Wanted)
Scott 4/22/2014   08:26
Rock/Reggae band seeks drummer
Annapolis (Performer Wanted)
Greg 4/21/2014   18:52
(Performer Wanted)
Michael 4/20/2014   16:19
Mature guitarist with vocals looking
Maryland (Performer Available)
Buddy 4/20/2014   09:12
World Of Beer TONIGHT
McHenry Row (Announcements)
Whisky Train 4/19/2014   16:25
Classic Rock/Oldies Drummer Seeks Part-Time Band
AA County (Performer Available)
Brad 4/19/2014   13:42
Fill-In Country Keyboardist Needed, 7/26/14
Harford Co., MD (Performer Wanted)
Kurt Froberg 4/18/2014   19:08
Country and Rock band Seeks Guitarist
Hanover, MD (Performer Wanted)
Steve 4/18/2014   10:56
Rehearsal Space needed, PG county, northern VA
(General Board)
JS 4/18/2014   09:45
Seeking Lead Vocalist
Baltimre/White Marsh (Performer Wanted)
Scott 4/18/2014   08:32
Midnight Cargo at An Pointin Stil this Saturday
KevKess 4/17/2014   22:52
Mature Experienced Drummer wanted
baltimore county MD 21234 (Performer Wanted)
Parkville Red 4/16/2014   12:58
Re: Female Vocalist
Baltimore County (Performer Wanted)
Adrienne 4/16/2014   12:49
BAND PROJECT FORMING- ISO Lead Vocals frontman
Baltimore, MD (Performer Wanted)
mike 4/15/2014   10:15
Jettstream @ Howard's Pub April 12
Dundalk, MD 21222 (Announcements)
Jupiter 4/11/2014   16:56
Ravens Roost party - Open to the Public - Saturday 4/12
Owings Mills (Announcements)
Junkyard Bandits 4/11/2014   13:36
Baltimore (Performer Wanted)
Wesley Spangler 4/11/2014   08:29
(Performer Available)
Jeff Staley 4/10/2014   10:07
Lead/Rhythm Guitarist Available
Howard County (Performer Available)
Richard 4/10/2014   09:42
Bass Player Needed
Middle River (Performer Wanted)
Rob 4/9/2014   22:20
Tonite Jettstream @ Holiday House
Baltimore ,MD 21205 (Announcements)
Jupiter 4/5/2014   13:04
Re: bass player looking
Gwynn Oak, Maryland (Performer Available)
Bash band 4/2/2014   22:29
This Friday
Joe Jones 4/2/2014   14:01
bass player looking
annapolis (Performer Available)
ray 4/1/2014   16:40
opening band
rosedale (Performer Wanted)
Tim 4/1/2014   14:21
Re: GREAT Rock band needs 2nd guitarist
(Performer Wanted)
joe 4/1/2014   10:44
Lead Vocals needed to complete Modern/Classic rock band
Baltimore County (Performer Wanted)
Dave 3/31/2014   20:30
Re: Looking for lead Singer
(Performer Wanted)
jackie 3/31/2014   19:19
Re: Bass Player / Keyboardist available
(Performer Available)
jackie 3/31/2014   19:05
Front Man/Singer
(Performer Wanted)
John 3/31/2014   17:57
Re: Drum Mics
Annapolis (General Board)
JRD 3/31/2014   12:29
Drum Mics
Bel Air, MD (General Board)
Jimbo 3/31/2014   08:35
2nd Guitarist Wanted
Hanover, MD (Performer Wanted)
Red Dirt Revolution 3/30/2014   11:44
Looking for drums and lead guitarist for rock /metal band
Laurel Md. (Performer Wanted)
TC 3/29/2014   23:51
Grater Baltimore Area (Performer Wanted)
Tommy 3/29/2014   15:37
TONITE Jettstream @ Williamsburg Inn
White Marsh ,MD 21162 (Announcements)
Jupiter 3/29/2014   15:11
GREAT Rock band needs 2nd guitarist
Hyattsville MD (Performer Wanted)
Mark 3/29/2014   12:08
(Performer Wanted)
Michael haller 3/28/2014   20:02
Re: Working Band Seeks a Second Guitarist/Keyboards
Bel Air (Performer Wanted)
John S 3/28/2014   19:55
@ Terry's Place Sat. March 29 th, 8 to 12:00
5725 Ritchie Hwy, Brooklyn Park, MD 21225, Co (Announcements)
BACK BEAT 3/28/2014   16:45
Jettstream @ Long Beach Restaurant and Tavern March 28
Middle River , MD 21220 (Announcements)
Jupiter 3/27/2014   15:10
bass player wanted
annapolis md (Performer Wanted)
one eye joe 3/27/2014   11:54
Re: Versatile Guitarist Wanted
Parkville (Performer Wanted)
Gary 3/27/2014   01:27
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