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Head Rush rocks the Waterfront!!!
Head Rush 10/1/2014   21:32
Lead Guitar Needed
(Performer Wanted)
Stephen 10/1/2014   13:28
"Time Will Tell" performing at Ashland Cafe this Sat. - (10/4) from 7-11.
Cockeysville, Baltimore County, MD 21030 (Announcements)
"Time Will Tell" 10/1/2014   07:01
Keyboards and Vocals
(Performer Available)
Robb 10/1/2014   03:27
ISO bassist
Baltimore (Performer Wanted)
taz man 9/30/2014   06:31
Lead guitarist looking for band, or members to form one
Md/DC/Va (Performer Available)
Rick 9/29/2014   22:44
(General Board)
Jeff 9/29/2014   11:43
Booking Bands for 2015
Finksburg, Carroll County MD 21048 (General Board)
Jessica 9/29/2014   11:08
Open Mic Comedians Wanted
Finksburg, Carroll County MD 21048 (General Board)
Bob 9/29/2014   11:00
Re: Keybhoard and bass
(Performer Wanted)
Robb 9/28/2014   18:28
pro drummer available
dundalk me (Performer Available)
John Smearman 9/28/2014   11:04
This Friday!
Head Rush 9/28/2014   09:52
Experienced Guitar Available (carroll county)
(Performer Available)
Mike 9/28/2014   08:06
female lead vocialist
AACO, (Performer Available)
Kathy 9/27/2014   22:37
Singer needed to round out talented band
Parkville (Performer Wanted)
Mark 9/26/2014   08:41
Head Rush returns to the Hilltop Inn!
Head Rush 9/25/2014   19:05
Keybhoard and bass
Baltimore and around (Performer Wanted)
DeClassified 9/24/2014   23:27
Re: Lead Guitarist/Vocalist Available
Pasadena, Md 21122 (Performer Available)
The Dirty Dena Band - Frank 9/24/2014   20:33
Lead Guitar / Bass Guitar
Southern Maryland (General Board)
Phillip 9/24/2014   13:20
Need rhythm guitar w/ some vocal ability
Balto. city 21214 (Performer Wanted)
John 9/23/2014   12:16
Thank You!
(General Board)
Head Rush 9/22/2014   20:53
Annapolis (Performer Wanted)
Rich 9/21/2014   22:58
Re: Drummer & bassist looking for classic rock band
Montgomery County, Maryland (Performer Available)
Gus Alzona 9/20/2014   20:09
Looking for Singer and Bass Player
White Marsh and Surounding Baltimore Area's (Performer Wanted)
Rob 9/20/2014   11:03
This Weekend's Appearances
Maryland (Announcements)
Whisky Train 9/19/2014   10:18
Bass Player w/vocals needed
Baltimore (Performer Wanted)
Appaloosa Band 9/18/2014   15:40
Classic rock band looking for frontman
Balto. Md. 21214 (Performer Wanted)
John 9/18/2014   11:49
Pianist/singer wanted
Solomons, Md (Performer Wanted)
Kathy Boswell 9/18/2014   08:51
Drummer Wanted for Working SL Band
Fallston (Performer Wanted)
Steve 9/17/2014   23:12
Coming up!
Head Rush 9/17/2014   12:27
RE:Drummer wanted for working party rock Starleigh band
(Performer Wanted)
Steve 9/16/2014   20:46
(General Board)
BASS PLAY NEEDED ASAP 9/16/2014   17:17
MD (Performer Available)
WORKING BAND 9/16/2014   17:06
MD (Performer Wanted)
WORKING BAND 9/16/2014   16:35
Classic Rock/Oldies Drummer Seeks Part-Time Band
AA County, Maryland (Performer Available)
Brad 9/16/2014   15:34
Drummer & bassist looking for classic rock band
Balto. 21214 (Performer Available)
John 9/15/2014   18:11
Dont Look Back - accepting 2014, NYE, and 2015 bookings.
South-central PA, Maryland (Announcements)
Dale 9/15/2014   11:17
Re: Drummer wanted for working party rock Starleigh band
Bel Air MD 21014 (Performer Wanted)
Ralph Hood 9/13/2014   16:58
FILL-IN (sub) Keyboardist looking for work
Harford/Baltimore County Maryland (Performer Available)
John Suskey 9/12/2014   08:48
vocalist/front man available
Carroll, Frederick, Howard Co. (Performer Wanted)
Johnny 9/10/2014   16:24
Lead Guitarist/Vocalist Available
Baltimore MD (Performer Available)
Jeff P. 9/10/2014   16:18
pedal steel
Balto metro & surrounding counties (Performer Wanted)
'brother' Bill 9/10/2014   13:33
Re: Drummer wanted for working party rock Starleigh band
(Performer Wanted)
steve 9/10/2014   12:45
Drummer Wanted for Working Band in southern Maryland
Southern Maryland (Performer Wanted)
Audra 9/10/2014   10:31
Re: Drummer wanted for working party rock Starleigh band
(Performer Wanted)
Bart 9/10/2014   10:05
Drummer wanted for working party rock Starleigh band
Fallston (Performer Wanted)
Steve 9/9/2014   23:02
Drummer Available
21014 (Performer Available)
harleyguy 9/9/2014   20:34
Emerald Tavern This Saturday
Parkville, MD (Announcements)
Whisky Train 9/9/2014   10:04
Guitarist Wanted
Parkton,Md. 21120 (Performer Wanted)
Jeff Michenfelder 9/8/2014   14:13
Auditions for Rapunzel; A Rock n Roll Fairytale
Glyndon, MD (Performer Wanted)
Liberty Showcase Theatre 9/7/2014   19:20
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