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Subject From Date
Keyboard Player Available
BWI Airport Area, Linthicum, Glen Burnie, etc (Performer Available)
Jim Juknelis 4/23/2015   14:25
Drummer Needed
Southern Pa.(York/Windsor) (Performer Wanted)
Joe Nelson 4/22/2015   23:10
"Time Will Tell" performing at Parker's this Sat.-(4/25) from 7-11.
White Marsh, Baltimore County, MD 21162 (Announcements)
"Time Will Tell" 4/22/2015   09:49
Seeking bass player
Batimore area (Performer Wanted)
Tom 4/22/2015   08:20
Ride for Life
(General Board)
Bryon on the boards 4/19/2015   15:07
Perry Hall, MD 21236 (Performer Wanted)
Band Leader 4/18/2015   14:34
Experienced Female Vocalist looking to front Working Band
AA County (Performer Available)
Teresa Marie 4/15/2015   18:37
Lead Guitar & Lead Vocal Wanted
White Marsh, MD (Performer Wanted)
Jamie 4/13/2015   20:19
Re: vocalist guitar player looking for band
(Performer Available)
Fred 4/13/2015   11:23
Acoustic guitar/vocals looking for partner
Parkville (Performer Wanted)
Steve 4/13/2015   09:52
Frontman needed
Timonium (Performer Wanted)
Fred 4/12/2015   22:18
Re: vocalist guitar player looking for band
(Performer Available)
Ron 4/12/2015   21:59
Re: vocalist guitar player looking for band
(Performer Available)
Fred 4/12/2015   15:17
vocalist guitar player looking for band
Annapolis Maryland 21401 (Performer Available)
Bill Hession 4/11/2015   15:21
Variety Band available for any and all occasions!
United States (Performer Available)
Reginald Kelly 4/10/2015   01:52
Re: Face Dancer
Beltsville MD (Retired Bands)
adproductn 4/6/2015   15:38
singer wanted
westminster/Littlestown (Performer Wanted)
ltc 4/6/2015   13:09
drummer looking 4-2guitar, vocal, bassist.......
crofton maryland (Performer Wanted)
Darrell 3/31/2015   19:28
Need Guitarist/Backup Vocalist
Southern Maryland (Mechanicsville) (Performer Wanted)
Phillip Parsons 3/31/2015   09:52
Male Vocalist / Frontman
Baltimore (Performer Wanted)
DeClassified 3/29/2015   20:08
Re: Need drummer asap
crofton, md (Performer Wanted)
Darrell 3/29/2015   19:40
Re: Need drummer asap
Crofton, MD (Performer Wanted)
Bret Wescott 3/29/2015   12:19
Mature guitar with vocals looking for WORKING group
20794 (Performer Available)
Buddy 3/28/2015   12:13
Drummer Available
Baltimore (Performer Available)
Bill 3/27/2015   09:50
Lead Vocalist
Baltimore (Performer Wanted)
Appaloosa 3/26/2015   19:22
Female Vocalist/Lyricist Robot Needed For Sexy Robot Recordings
Baltimore and Rigel 7 (Performer Wanted)
Metropolis 3/26/2015   14:53
Bass player seeking working band
Columbia (Performer Available)
Tomy 3/26/2015   11:58
Versatile female vocalist needed
Baltimore, Harford County (Performer Wanted)
Variety Group 3/25/2015   10:07
Lead singer/Frontman
Frederick Co. (Performer Wanted)
Steve 3/25/2015   09:27
Working Country and Rock band seeks lead guitarist
Baltimore, MD (Performer Wanted)
modern country band 3/24/2015   12:57
WHITE MARSH AREA (Performer Available)
Robert 3/23/2015   22:08
drummer looking for laidback group have practice spacer
essex (Performer Available)
tony 3/22/2015   10:35
Re: Bass Player Available
southern MD (Performer Available)
Jeff 3/21/2015   22:35
Bassist looking to start or join
Baltimore (Performer Available)
J 3/21/2015   13:34
Drummer and or Percussionist
Maryland,Pa,DC (Performer Available)
Mike 3/20/2015   17:13
Sat. 3/21 @ World Of Beer
McHenry Row (Announcements)
Whisky Train 3/20/2015   09:42
Re: Bass player wanted for old guy band
baltimore county (Performer Wanted)
richard hoffman 3/19/2015   12:36
HEAD RUSH 3/17/2015   18:09
need bass player, vox , 2 guitarists
(Performer Wanted)
Anita 3/16/2015   22:30
Lead Singer Wanted
Baltimore, Md (Performer Wanted)
Appaloosa 3/14/2015   16:43
Re: Bass Player needed for an existing Classic Rock & Roll Band
Parkville/Carney MD 21234 (Performer Wanted)
Richard 3/13/2015   16:16
Re: Bass Player needed asap
Parkville/Carney MD 21234 (Performer Wanted)
Richard 3/13/2015   16:10
Re: Bass player wanted for old guy band
Parkville/Carney MD 21234 (Performer Wanted)
Richard Hoffman 3/13/2015   15:39
Re: Bass Player Needed
forest hill md (Performer Wanted)
tony micucci 3/13/2015   12:17
Rock Drummer looking for band
Northeast MD 21901 (Performer Available)
David 3/12/2015   17:47
St. Patty's Weekend!
Maryland (Announcements)
Whisky Train 3/12/2015   10:25
bass player seeking part time band
reisterstown, md 21136 (Performer Available)
richard hoffman 3/11/2015   22:30
Need drummer asap
Arnold, Maryland (Performer Wanted)
Cover band formed for a fundraising event 3/11/2015   14:48
Band Looking For Lead Vocals and Keys
Lutherville, MD (Performer Wanted)
Mike 3/10/2015   21:02
Singer / Frontman Wanted
Harford County (Performer Wanted)
Tony 3/9/2015   14:55
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