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Oracle is an exciting and diverse variety band performing dance music from the 40s through the most current hits of today. A kickin 6 piece band, the group's sound is kept quite full through the use of technology. This gives the band the advantage of having a sound as big and full as that of a 10-15 piece group, yet we can fit on any stage and in almost any size room, and don't come with the price tag of a 10 or 15 piece band.

A full stage light show compliments the band's sound, keeping the energy levels high.

In addition to concerts, bull roasts and nightclubs the band performs for many weddings, holiday parties, birthdays, yacht clubs, and private parties all along the east coast. However, this is NOT your typical "wedding band". Oracle brings a level of energy, enthusiasm, and excitement to your function that you just can't get from some of your typical wedding bands.

Oracle maintains a very full public performance schedule so prospective clients can come out and check out the band in front of a live audience instead of having to rely on studio made videotapes that may or may not represent what the band is really like.

Our website has not only the usual Biographies, Songlists, and Performance Schedule, but also a host of other things, such as a Message Board, lyrics to most of the 500+ songs we play, and the ability to suggest songs that you think the band should learn.

We also invite folks who are on Facebook to visit our FaceBook Page and join in the fun over there.

It also hosts a great deal of wedding information and links for those that are looking to get married and are in search of additional information on vendors, sites, and general information.

You can also listen to over 100 sound clips, (MP3 or RealAudio) of the band performing live recordings made directly off the mixing board without any remixing or overdubbing. We're proud of our sound and we think you'll hear the difference.


Friday, May 19, 2017
Knights of Columbus,  Bowie MD
Our first show after the Chrikki wedding!  That's right...Nikki & Chris have tied the knot and now it's time for EVERYONE to come celebrate!  Show starts at 8:30 and we go to 12:30.  Come on out & let's celebrate!
View Event 357552
Friday, May 26, 2017
Perry's,  Odenton MD
Oracle returns to Perry's for a night of fun and dancing.  This is one of the places where it all started some 17 years ago.  Best of all, it's FREE!  NO COVER!  Just walk on in!
View Event 357553
Saturday, May 27, 2017
Baltimore Yacht club,  Baltimore MD
If you're part of the boating community along the Chesapeake get yourself a ticket to the biggest opening weekend party around at Baltimore Yacht Club!  These folks know how to PARTY!!! 
View Event 357554
Friday, June 2, 2017
Twain's Tavern,  Pasadena MD
Oracle returns to Twain's Tavern for another epic night of partying and dancing!  Come early to get a good spot, or reserve the VIP area right next to the stage, with all the amenities that go along with it!  Great food, great music, great people!!!
View Event 357555
Saturday, August 5, 2017
Twain's Tavern,  Pasadena MD
Are you ready for another night at Twain's???  This place rocks!  Come join Oracle Band as we play all your favorite dance hits of today and yesterday!
View Event 357556
Friday, October 6, 2017
Twain's Tavern,  Pasadena MD
Oracle returns to Twain's for another EPIC night of dance and partying!  Don't be the one to has to hear about what happened the next day...BE THERE to experience it in person!  All your favorite dance music of today and yesterday!
View Event 357557