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10/22/2019  20:05   John Rogue
Guitarist Looking for working band
Washington DC/Baltimore Region (Performer Available)
10/22/2019  12:35   Whisky Train Acoustic Duo
🍺 Fri. 10/25 @ Route 24 Ale House 🍺
Bel Air, MD (Announcements)
10/20/2019  11:15   Tom Margolis
Re: Acoustic Duo Partner
Silver Spring (Performer Wanted)
10/18/2019  08:17   Teri B
Re: Acoustic Duo Partner
Annapolis (Performer Wanted)
10/17/2019  20:24   Dave
Drummer and vocalists for traveling praise band
Columbia, MD (Performer Wanted)
10/16/2019  11:28   Billy
Lead Guitarist Looking For Working Country Band
Westminster (Performer Available)
10/15/2019  14:03   Jay SHade
Re: Bass Player Available
Leonardtown (Performer Available)
10/15/2019  13:23   Louis Frisino
Millersville.Md 21108 (Performer Available)
10/14/2019  09:57   Glenn
Keyboard Player Available
Greater Baltimore Area (Performer Available)
10/8/2019  19:53   Dave
Praise Band-Christian Gospel- New Project
Columbia, MD (Performer Wanted)
10/6/2019  12:16   Vincent
Female Singer needed for top 40 band
Baltimore (Performer Wanted)
10/3/2019  21:21   Steve
Keyboard Player Wanted For Established Variety Band
Bel Air (Performer Wanted)
10/1/2019  17:02   SPELLBOUND Band
BASS player Needed asap. Professional, Working Band!
Central MD (Performer Wanted)
9/26/2019  09:27   Steve Knight
Yacht rock anyone?
Baltimore, (Performer Wanted)
9/24/2019  12:47   SPELLBOUND Suzie
Re: Bassist seeking working band
Baltimore County, MD (Performer Available)
9/24/2019  08:29   DYING BREED
BALTIMORE (Performer Wanted)
9/23/2019  10:25   Bill
Re: Bass, Lead Guitar, Drums Needed as Subs. for a Gigging Band
Millersville (Performer Wanted)
9/23/2019  09:58   Bill
Re: lead guitarist and bassist seek players to form 70's style pop band
Millersville (Performer Wanted)
9/23/2019  09:28   Bill
Re: Mature lead guitarist with vocals looking for players that want to work
Milersville (Performer Available)
9/23/2019  03:00   Larry Goren
Re: Bass player seeking working band
Westmnster (Performer Available)
9/23/2019  02:57   Teresa Goren
Bass Player Needed on permanent basis
Westmnster (Performer Wanted)
9/22/2019  22:29   Donna Smith
Re: lead guitarist and bassist seek players to form 70's style pop band
Pasadena (Performer Wanted)
9/18/2019  15:29   John
Re: Vocals for 90s Grunge & Alternative Rock
Essex (Performer Wanted)
9/18/2019  10:12   Mike
Vocals for 90s Grunge & Alternative Rock
Baltimore County (Performer Wanted)
9/16/2019  22:17   Dan
Yeah, another Drummer Available ad
Severn (Performer Available)
9/16/2019  15:54   Gary
Singer Available
Annapolis Area (Performer Available)
9/16/2019  10:54   marcus
lead guitarist and bassist seek players to form 70's style pop band
Baltimore co. (Performer Wanted)
9/13/2019  22:13   Jeff
Re: Bass Player Available
Charles County (Performer Available)
9/10/2019  13:43   Kevin
Keyboard Player for Variety Band
Bel Air (Performer Wanted)
9/10/2019  13:20   Kevin
Re: Available Keyboard Player
Bel Air (Performer Available)
9/10/2019  07:43   Scott
BASS Player needed for 90's Alternative Rock Band
Edgewater, Maryland (Performer Wanted)
9/8/2019  16:44   Bill H
Re: Let’s Form a 90’s Alternative Rock Band
Millersville (Performer Available)
9/8/2019  14:15   frank
Re: Seeking Acoustic Guitar Partner for Gigs.
dundalk (Performer Wanted)
9/5/2019  18:53   Jeff
Drummer available
Harford County (Performer Available)
9/2/2019  16:58   Jimmy The Man
Bass Player Wanted
Mt Airy-Westminster (Performer Wanted)
8/29/2019  18:21   Jim
Drummer Available For Classic/Southern/80's Bands
Bel Air (Performer Available)
8/29/2019  15:56   steven newberger
Re: Entertainer Needed
Baltimore (Performer Wanted)
8/29/2019  11:28   steve
Male Front Vocalist
Bel Air (Performer Wanted)
8/23/2019  20:46   19th Annual Autism Conference
Entertainer Needed
Baltimore, MD (Performer Wanted)
8/23/2019  08:53   Steve Parezo
Versatile MEHOF Drummer Seeks Extra Gigs!
Columbia, MD 21045 (Performer Available)
8/23/2019  08:51   Tom Margolis
Re: Musicians wanted
Silver Spring (Performer Wanted)
8/22/2019  19:11   Interested
Re: Musicians wanted
Baltimore (Performer Wanted)
8/21/2019  18:53   George Allen
ISO booking Agent
Glen Burnie, Md. 21060 (General Board)
8/20/2019  18:46   Charles H Ansell
Appaloosa Appearing
Catonsville (Announcements)
8/20/2019  14:23   Michael Elliott
Re: Musicians wanted
Annapolis (Performer Wanted)
8/20/2019  13:42   Tom Margolis
Musicians wanted
Silver Spring,Md (Performer Wanted)
8/16/2019  14:14   Ronald Barkhorn
Re: Available Keyboard Player
Fallston (Performer Available)
8/15/2019  23:34   Bret Wescott
Re: Drummer wanted
Crofton, Md, 21114 (Performer Wanted)
8/15/2019  23:20   Jeanie Broderick
Re: New Band 50's 60's 70's
Grasonville, Md (Performer Wanted)
8/15/2019  16:24   marcin otrebski
Re: Bassist seeking working band
catonsville (Performer Available)
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