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5/5/2021  13:12   Bob
Rock/Pop Cover Band Looking for an Experienced Bass Player
DMV (Performer Wanted)
5/1/2021  10:05   Terry
Electronic Drummer for Yacht Rock Meets Journey!!!
Howard County Maryland (Performer Wanted)
4/26/2021  15:18   Vicki Axton
Sound/light Person
Millersville (General Board)
4/22/2021  11:07   Dan
new guitar player show
Baltimore/DC//VA/Delaware/Philly (General Board)
4/21/2021  05:56   Mike
Lead Singer Needed
Baltimore County (Performer Wanted)
4/18/2021  10:47   Matt M
Drummer Wanted
Annapolis (Performer Wanted)
4/17/2021  12:36   Dave
Lead Vocalist for 50's 60's and 70's band
Laurel Area (Performer Wanted)
4/16/2021  13:34   MJ
Lead Guitarist Looking
DMV (Performer Available)
4/13/2021  17:05   Dave K
Band looking for lead vocalist (Female/male)
Columbia, MD 21042 (Performer Wanted)
4/11/2021  22:07   Vicky Blacker
Re: Female Vocalist for Cover Band
White Marsh (Performer Wanted)
4/11/2021  21:44   Vicky Blacker
Re: Looking for a good and amiable female singer
White Marsh (Performer Wanted)
4/7/2021  07:55   Joe
Pro Percusssionist available
Millersville (Performer Available)
4/3/2021  21:31   Buddy Ivory
Hope springs eternal
Worldwide (General Board)
3/31/2021  13:59   Niel
Looking for a good and amiable female singer
Bel Air MD area (Performer Wanted)
3/29/2021  22:05   Reginald I Kelly Jr
Karaoke, DJ and Trivia Entertainment now available for weeknight bookings
Baltimore City, Baltimore County (Performer Available)
3/27/2021  11:40   Jim Finney
Keyboard Player Wanted
Glen Arm (Performer Wanted)
3/27/2021  11:36   Jim Finney
Re: Keyboard Player Available
Glen Arm (Performer Available)
3/25/2021  14:22   Joe
Re: Looking for drummer
Baltimore, county (Performer Wanted)
3/24/2021  13:11   Rick Sebeck
Female Vocalist for Cover Band
New Cumberland (Performer Wanted)
3/22/2021  21:53   Mr. E
"A Room" Pro Guitar Available
Baltimore, MD (Performer Available)
3/20/2021  11:34   Terry
Lead Vocalist for Yacht Rock Meets Journey!!!!
Howard County Maryland (Performer Wanted)
3/14/2021  21:08   John
Looking for drummer
Annapolis (Performer Wanted)
3/13/2021  00:07   Terry Rich
Re: Musicians
Baltimore (Performer Wanted)
2/28/2021  21:33   Terry Rich
Re: Musicians
Baltimore (Performer Wanted)
2/26/2021  17:52   Steve
Front Male Vocalist for Working Variety Band
Bel Air (Performer Wanted)
2/23/2021  21:46   David Crews
Gene Vincentt and the Cadillac Cruisers Photos
Baltimore (General Board)
2/12/2021  21:06   Deni Starr
Let's get together
2/10/2021  14:04   Chris Scholtes
Maryland Rush Tribute band looking for singer
Baltimore 21212 (Performer Wanted)
1/17/2021  17:17   Glenn Reese
Keyboard Player Available
Greater Baltimore Area (Performer Available)
1/12/2021  15:38   ANITA
Re: A room bassist available
MD (Performer Available)
1/12/2021  15:36   Anita
Rhythm Guitarist/Vocals
MD/PA (Performer Wanted)
1/12/2021  11:27   Stephanie G
Co Lead Vocalist Wanted
Eldersburg MD (Performer Wanted)
1/7/2021  09:46   Robert
A room bassist available
White Marsh (Performer Available)
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