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8/13/2022  06:06   Franklyn Florence
Seasoned Drummer wanted:
SEVERNA PARK (Performer Wanted)
8/10/2022  12:51   Ron
Baltimore (Performer Available)
8/2/2022  21:24   Eric
Lead guitar with vocals needed for working classic rock & country band
Silver Spring, Montgomery County, MD (Performer Wanted)
8/1/2022  22:44   Tony
Re: Need female or male tenor-range vocalist
Baltimore County, Md. 21224 (Performer Wanted)
7/31/2022  11:56   Daniel Allen Dell
Singer available
Manchester (Performer Available)
7/31/2022  11:23   John
Radio Pilots Need a Lead Guitarist
21221 (Performer Wanted)
7/30/2022  17:00   Jess
bass available for cover band
howard county md (Performer Available)
7/27/2022  13:34   Stix Malone
classic rock band looking for a lead singer
Rockville (Performer Wanted)
7/23/2022  06:27   JOHN
Re: Keyboard Player Available
Pasadena (Performer Available)
7/21/2022  07:46   Joe
Keyboard player needed
Baltimore co. (Performer Wanted)
7/20/2022  12:19   Donald Olkowski III
Re: Lead/Rhythm guitarist with vocal ability
Harford County (Performer Available)
7/19/2022  09:58   Joseph Isaacs
Music Showcase in Arbatus Maryland perform 8 songs with 3 other acts
Columbia (Performer Wanted)
7/16/2022  16:36   Sampson
Re: Keyboard Player Available
SEVERN (Performer Available)
7/11/2022  11:37   E.L.
Lead/Rhythm guitarist with vocal ability
Carney/Parville (Performer Available)
7/7/2022  11:50   Cheryl
Guitarist / Singer
Severna Park/ Pasadena (Performer Available)
7/6/2022  20:18   Shane Luther Burke
Re: Musicians wanted
Felton, PA 17322 (Performer Wanted)
7/4/2022  22:08   Cole Sellers
Looking to sing for a rock/hard rock band. Godsmack Mettalica etc....
Odenton, MD (Performer Available)
7/4/2022  02:18   Aquila
Girl Group
Baltimore (Performer Wanted)
6/24/2022  23:22   Paul
Keyboardist needed
Carney/Parkville (Performer Wanted)
6/24/2022  19:31   Glenn Reese
Keyboard Player Available
Greater Baltimore Area (Performer Available)
6/24/2022  06:43   Phil
Re: Need female or male tenor-range vocalist
Baltimore co. (Performer Wanted)
6/23/2022  19:26   Jeff
Musicians wanted
Westminster, MD (Performer Wanted)
6/21/2022  12:19   Jeff
Bass Player Available
Charles County, MD (Performer Available)
6/18/2022  10:33   Paul
Need female or male tenor-range vocalist
Carney-Parkville (Performer Wanted)
6/18/2022  10:21   Paul
Re: Lead singer and rhythm guitar player
Parkville (Performer Available)
6/16/2022  17:46   Tom
Lead singer and rhythm guitar player
Laurel (Performer Available)
6/15/2022  14:02   MJ
Lead Guitarist Looking
21114 (Performer Available)
6/13/2022  15:40   ROSEY
BALTIMORE (Performer Wanted)
6/9/2022  19:11   rick
Re: Guitarist and Bassist
Laurel (Performer Wanted)
6/8/2022  09:26   Steve
Rhythm & guitar & vocals
Edgewater (Performer Wanted)
6/6/2022  17:41   Bob Brasted
classic hard rock band looking for a lead singer
Rockville (Performer Wanted)
6/3/2022  18:58   Steve T
Re: Guitarist and Bassist
Columbia, MD (Performer Wanted)
6/2/2022  10:52   keith
rhythm guitar available
baltimore and beyond (Performer Available)
6/1/2022  18:21   Chaz
Re: Keyboardist/Lead and harmony vocals
Baltimore MD (Performer Available)
6/1/2022  18:15   William
Neo Soul Band Seeking Keyboard Player
Baltimore, MD (Performer Wanted)
5/31/2022  15:11   Paul
Lead guitarist- backing vocals a plus
Carney/Parkville (Performer Wanted)
5/30/2022  10:42   Charles
Guitarist and Bassist
Pasadena (Performer Wanted)
5/27/2022  20:11   jerry tasker
Re: Bass player here
Baltimore (Performer Available)
5/27/2022  17:01   D
Re: Auditioning Lead singers
Westminster (Performer Wanted)
5/27/2022  16:58   D
Re: Revolver is seeking a Lead Vocalist . . .
Westminster (Performer Wanted)
5/27/2022  16:56   Guitarist
Westminster (Performer Available)
5/24/2022  13:23   Paul
Auditioning Lead singers
Carney -Parkville (Performer Wanted)
5/24/2022  11:49   Robert
White Marsh (Performer Available)
5/21/2022  21:30   jerry tasker
Re: Keyboard &Lead Guitarist Player wanted
Baltimore (Performer Wanted)
5/21/2022  21:27   jerry tasker
Re: Guitarist Needed
Baltimore (Performer Wanted)
5/17/2022  19:49   Kevin
Looking for a singer
Bel Air, MD (Performer Wanted)
5/17/2022  16:34   Jimmy The Man
Female Singer Wanted
Westminster MD (Performer Wanted)
5/14/2022  07:33   Terry Lee Hofff
Lead guitar player/ rhythm or key board player for a established band
Mechanicsville (Performer Wanted)
5/10/2022  14:24   Glenn Reese
Bass Player Needed
General Baltimore area (Performer Wanted)
5/9/2022  19:00   Glenn Reese
Keyboard Player Avaialble
Central Maryland Area (Performer Available)
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