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1/15/2019  13:25   Tom Margolis
Re: Keyboard Player Wanted
Silver Spring (Performer Wanted)
1/13/2019  11:02   Susan Hobbs
Attn: Restaurant/Venues/Wineries
Pasadena (General Board)
1/11/2019  12:09   Buck Carey
Bass Player Need ed for working Band
W.Va. Pa. Md. (Performer Wanted)
1/11/2019  10:58   John
Re: Vocalist Wanted
Owings mills (Performer Wanted)
1/10/2019  08:00   Tony
Keyboard Player Wanted
Severna Park, MD (Performer Wanted)
1/9/2019  18:37   Bruce
Lead Singer Wanted
Glen Burnie, MD (Performer Wanted)
1/4/2019  20:03   Bob
Keyboard Player Wanted
Balt/Wash (Performer Wanted)
1/4/2019  11:06   Susan Hobbs
equipment for sale
Pasadena (Items For Sale)
1/3/2019  20:41   John
Keyboard Player Wanted
Perring Plaza area of Baltimore County (Performer Wanted)
1/2/2019  19:50   Warren
Drummer wanted
Westminster MD (General Board)
1/1/2019  21:34   Tony
Bass and Guitars wanted for classic rock band
Harford County (Performer Wanted)
12/30/2018  12:18   vicki
Re: Bassist available
baltimore (Performer Available)
12/21/2018  21:13   Rough Country
Bass player wanted for working band
Parkton Md (Performer Wanted)
12/19/2018  22:02   Wayne
Acoustic guitar/vocals fill in partner
Columbia (Performer Wanted)
12/17/2018  04:57   Clint
Re: forming 80s band seeks guitar and keys
Parkville/Perry Hall, Md. (Performer Wanted)
12/12/2018  09:39   larry johnson
Re: Female Lead ISO Cover Band
Pasadena (Performer Available)
12/11/2018  20:53   Dawn
Female Lead ISO Cover Band
Howard County (Performer Available)
12/8/2018  14:14   Steve Smith
Lighting System and Backdrop for sale
Catonsville Maryland, 21228 (Items For Sale)
12/6/2018  07:46   Dan
Re: Looking for a Guitarist
Severn MD (Performer Wanted)
12/5/2018  10:15   Paul
Re: Vocalist Seeking Band
Carroll County Md 21102 (Performer Available)
12/5/2018  10:08   Paul
Re: Lead vocalist looking for a band
Carroll County Md 21102 (Performer Available)
12/4/2018  17:29   Drummerdude
ISO guitar & bass & keys
B-more (Performer Wanted)
12/3/2018  12:41   Michael
Vocalist Wanted
Baltimore County (Performer Wanted)
12/2/2018  19:00   Glenn Reese
Re: Female Lead Vocalist
Greater Baltimore (Performer Wanted)
12/2/2018  09:36   J
Re: Soundman Wanted
Carroll County (General Board)
12/1/2018  19:45   Jennifer
Re: Female Lead Vocalist
MD (Performer Wanted)
12/1/2018  19:37   Jennifer
Re: Band looking for Female Singer
Maryland (Performer Wanted)
11/29/2018  19:46   Rich
Female Vocalist Wanted
Manchester, MD (Performer Wanted)
11/28/2018  19:56   Joseph Cosmo
Re: Vocalist Seeking Band
Halethorpe (Performer Available)
11/25/2018  21:54   Tony
Guns and Roses Tribute
Harford County Md. (Performer Wanted)
11/25/2018  21:44   Tony
Vocalist Seeking Band
Harford County (Performer Available)
11/23/2018  21:54   Kevin
Re: forming 80s band seeks guitar and keys
Parkville, Maryland, 21244 (Performer Wanted)
11/23/2018  21:49   Kevin
Re: Lead Guitarist with some vocals
Parkville, Maryland, 21234 (Performer Wanted)
11/23/2018  09:03   Jessie
Re: Guitarist with Vocals Looking for Band
Calvert county (Performer Available)
11/22/2018  17:59   Dave
severn (Performer Wanted)
11/22/2018  11:28   Dave
Re: Drummer
severn (Performer Available)
11/21/2018  19:24   Mike
Keyboard Player
Baltimore County Essex (Performer Wanted)
11/19/2018  12:56   Jake Jakubik
Lead Guitarist with some vocals
PARKVILLE (Performer Wanted)
11/19/2018  12:52   Jake Jakubik
Re: Guitarist with Vocals Looking for Band
Westminster Based , Parkville & Dundalk home (Performer Available)
11/19/2018  10:50   Whisky Train Acoustic Duo
Friday, 11/23 @ Route 24 Ale House
Bel Air, MD (Announcements)
11/14/2018  10:54   Matt
Band looking for Female Singer
Annapolis (Performer Wanted)
11/13/2018  13:54   Todd
Singer available
Stevensville (Performer Available)
11/12/2018  22:36   Scott
Bassist looking for cover band
Baltimore (Performer Available)
11/9/2018  08:41   Jay
Re: Guitarist with Vocals Looking for Band
SoMD (Performer Available)
11/5/2018  18:48   Jim Ittenbach
Ld Guitar and Bassist wanted
Laurel (Performer Wanted)
10/30/2018  20:37   Mark
Bass player needed
Catonsville (Performer Wanted)
10/29/2018  20:51   John
Singer and keyboard player Wanted for cover band
Frederick, MD (Performer Wanted)
10/28/2018  07:12   Bryon on the Boards
Open Dates
B'More (General Board)
10/21/2018  14:19   Mike
Keyboard Player Wanted
Essex Md. (Performer Wanted)
10/21/2018  09:33   Chewy
Rock Drummer
Southern Maryland (Lusby) (Performer Wanted)
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