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  Performer PerformerType Status
Jeff Adams Guitarist, songwriter. **Brake Fail, original rock - Florida (2018-present). **Face Dancer, original rock - Mid-Atlantic (1970s-present). **Smashbox Symphony, original rock - Baltimore (2000s). **Savoy Brown, original rock ...
Tim Amann Vocals and Guitars in group setting and as one man band. As of Feb 2020 still performing 150+ show per year as 'Pet Rock'
Philip Brotman Rock and diverse popular music drummer. **Chuggalug, pop/rock covers - DMV (2013-present). **ALO, ELO tribute - Baltimore (2018-present). **Vaguely Absurd, Baltimore (present). **RP3, Baltimore (present). **Rob Fahey and The Pieces (present...
PJ Lee Pop/Rock singer, pianist/keyboardist, electric bassist. Classical violinist. Music transcription and theory. **Chuggalug, pop/rock covers - MD, VA, DC, PA (2009-present). **Motel California, Eagles tribute - Baltimore, MD (2018-2019). **Face Dancer, original rock - Mid-Atlantic (2016-present). **Us! original...
Darryl Matarozza Electric bass, vocals. RIP (2/9/1950 to 2/7/2020)
Bob McDonald Karaoke 1995 to currently
Joel McGuire Guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist Currently performing with the band Stilbound 2.0 and solo
Rich Schwarz Guitarist, vocalist Currently playing with Rich and the Roadrunners and Sleepless Knights. Also filling in with Josh Christina band
Charlie Thomas Electric and acoustic guitar, vocals. Songwriter. Music composition and arranging. Music theory. Guitar teacher. Professional recording artist. **Chuggalug, pop/rock covers - DMV (2010-present). **Us!, original pop/rock - DMV (2013-present). **Face Dancer, original rock - Mid-Atlantic (2016 to present). **Motel California, Eagles tribute - Ba...
David Utter Vocalist, guitarist, songwriter. RIP (1/9/53-7/31/19)
Dave Walsh Drummer/Vocalist/Guitar Currently performing with Whisky Train (Drums/Vocals); Whisky Train Acoustic Duo (Guitar/Vocals); The Agitators (Drums/Vocals)
Mike Walsh Bass Guitarist & Vocalist Currently performing with Whisky Train (Bass Guitar/Lead Vocals); Whisky Train Acoustic Duo (Bass Guitar/Lead Vocals); Pete Baker & The Agitators (Bass Guitar/Vocals)
Richard Walton singer, songwriter, band leader, bassist, guitarist, composer, arranger, producer, engineer Available. Currently composer/bassist/leader of Richard Walton Group (original multi-genre fusion), Solo Singer/Songwriter, different Duos & Trios.
Mark Weaver Vocals, Keyboards and percussion Playing with the 8-Balls, plus some solo work
John West Lead vocals, songwriter. Looking forward to performing live again in 2020. **Face Dancer, original rock, Mid-Atlantic (2016-2017). **Smashbox Symphony, Baltimore/Philly (2011-2013). **Egdon Heath - Greater Philly area (1994-2...
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