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The Uncommitted delivers the best female fronted high-energy live music show that packs the dance floor show after show!  Read on, request a demo, or better yet, come to a live show and experience first-hand why everyone is talking about this fun & exciting PARTY DANCE BAND!  We're the perfect band for clubs, private parties, weddings, bull roasts & fund raisers.  Contact us at (E) Elizabeth Diable at and plan your event now!

The Uncommitted is totally committed to providing you the best, high-energy show that will keep your heart pumpin’ and your body jumpin’ on the dance floor! With 4 vocalists, tight harmonies and strong musicianship is what is to be expected consistently at every performance. You'll recognize every song, from classic rock, to modern rock, to pop with an edge! You’ll dance for hours and be back for more! This band has a wealth of experience in the music industry so if you're looking for a band to entertain a crowd, dance all night and sing along with every recognizable hit then look no further!  


Lead Vocals:  E

Guitar & Vocals:  Ernie

Guitar, Keys, Harmonica & Vocals:  John

Bass & Vocals:  Ron

Drums: Luke 


Contact us at / 202-812-1127


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