Chuggalug at Hylton Performing Arts Center

Thursday, November 30, 2017  
7:30pm I'll be playing guitar with Swing Machine Band, a 17 pc. band w/ vocals, for their annual Christmas Jazz performance. Featuring some of the best musicians on the planet. Army Blues band. Airmen of Note, Pershings own band, Comodores, Marine band. BUY TICKETS


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Style: Mainstream Rock & Pop Covers from 60s to now. Original Pop/Rock Tunes.

Members: PJ (the girl)=vocals/bass/keys, Charlie=everything guitar and male vocals. "Chugg Drummers" are Andy Hamburger of Silver Spring MD, Brooks Ferrett of Alexandria VA, Joe Saia of Southern MD, Kim Martin of Fairfax VA, Phil Brotman of Baltimore MD, and Ricky Slezak of Frederick, MD.

How to Book: Contact PJ (the gurl) at or (301) 404-8882


Hylton Performing Arts Center

10960 George Mason Circle  Manassas  VA  20110
703-993-7759    MDparty Home
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