Black Falls Band

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Greg McIsaac: Fender Strat and Gibson Les Paul electric guitars, Taylor & Gibson Acoustics, All Tube Fender and Mesa amps, Hohner Harmonicas, Shure Beta 58 and 57 Mic's

Ryan Geraci: Fender American Deluxe Precision P-Bass, Eden Traveler 550, Eden 2x10, 2x12, 2x15, MXR pedals, Shure 57's

Dominic Cantalupo: Gretsch Renown '57 Motor City Red kit with DW and Mapex hardware, DW 5000 AD4 Double pedal, Zildjan K's and A's, Sabian and Stagg cymbals, Evans Heads, Audix and MXL drum Mics, Shure Super 55 vocal mic. Also, Gretsch Catalina Jazz kit scaled for smaller venues

Erik Kestler: Fender Start and Tele guitars, Taylor Acoustic, Fender and Bogner Tube Amps, Ukelele, Shure Mics

PA systems are completely scalable to fit intimate venues up to larger outdoor festivals. Powered JBL PRX712 Tops and PRX618 XLF Subs, Yamaha DXR 15 powered cabinets, Yamaha and Allen and Heath Mixing Boards in 6, 16 Channel and 24 Channel formats depending on venue. DBX Outboard gear. We also utilize our professional sound engineer with digital boards and IPAD mixing for certain gigs.

Lighting: We can go small to fairly large with up to 18 LED lights, including ADJ DOTZ Floods with COB technology, DMX controller, 4 light towers, truss system and more.