Brother Bill

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Guest Book


Hey Uncle "brother" Bill- I need to get my butt out there to see you play. I love the picture of you guys from "back in the day", especially with Uncle Wayne on there. Go Ravens!  - Dave S. (13 years ago 11/11/2008   08:03)
....bILL GOOD LUCK NOW GET OUT THERE AND PLAY!!!  - goodwill (13 years ago 9/24/2008   19:49)
Looking forward to listening in to your music at Tyson's but their webpage have you down for thursday the 29th. They have the Mark Pettis band scheduled for Friday the 30th. I'll check the schedule again in a few days to be sure or I'll call.  - Madam Butterfly (14 years ago 11/11/2007   14:21)
good times were had by all keep on strummen  - brother ray (15 years ago 1/30/2007   14:33)
ROCK ON BROTHER BILL  - BABS DOBRY (15 years ago 9/21/2006   15:29)
Good people, Good sounds.....!  - George E. Stock (15 years ago 9/2/2006   06:36)

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