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Decided last minute to go to Main Street Tower for dinner last Wednesday. Had a great meal and an awesome unexpected surprise - Dennis was playing. Ended up staying awhile to enjoy the music. We’ll be going back!  - Joyce Dickel (3 years ago 9/11/2020   14:43)
Waiting a long, long time for you to come back to Wilmington. Remember Michelle singing & you & Greg played "Turn the Page" about 20 years ago in Elkton Md.? She passed about a month ago. Thanks for that memory I still have on video.  - Michael Pawlikowski (3 years ago 8/5/2020   11:24)
Hi Dennis, our hotels will be needing music for the Summer. I will recommend you for sure. I'm Sales Manager at 2 Marriott Hotels at Ripken stadium.  - Lauri Reynolds (10 years ago 3/31/2014   11:59)
Hey Dennis. As always, great show last Friday (July 22nd) at Marli's Dockside Grill. You guys are a class act !! AND, thanks for being so cool to my son Nick (with the CDs').  - Mick and Nick Taylor (12 years ago 7/25/2011   23:03)
How the hell are you dude? We haven't seen or heard you in forever. Hope to look you up soon. Take care and keep rockin'. See you soon wedding singer!!  - Darren & Angie (14 years ago 4/24/2010   18:13)
I had to break up the Bonnie and Hazel tribute and get someone know me and I am FRESH !! Yes D you rock out with your .... out !! You wanna hear good music you gotta check this Lad out!  - Rob (14 years ago 1/13/2010   09:36)
Dennis & Starbelly - thank you so much for the awesome show at Green Turtle last nite. You guys are soooooo talented and your song list couldn't have been better. PS - thanks for the dedication!  - Bonnie (14 years ago 10/18/2009   19:13)
Fab Four, thank you so much for the wonderful show at Catches Friday nite. You guys are truly amazing performers.Please play Rita and some BBC stuff soon!  - Bonnie (14 years ago 9/28/2009   14:53)
Fabulous show at Catches, lads! Can't believe the talent all of you have. Thanks so much for sharing it! Special hugs and kisses for Gym. He rocks my socks off!  - Hazel (14 years ago 9/27/2009   19:28)
Good show, Chaps  - Bonnie (14 years ago 9/13/2009   10:01)
Thank you guys for another great show at Catches You guys are umbelievable. Take care and see you soon.  - Bonnie (14 years ago 8/11/2009   10:54)
Just a note to thank you for the grand show at Catches. So glad that Kitten came out to see you as well. We may have another Fabtastic 4 convert on our hands. Jim, you take my breath away. Hugs!  - Hazel (14 years ago 8/11/2009   08:06)
Re: Poplar Friday nite - Good show, Chaps - George said to me on way home he thought it was your best performance ever and I agree with him.  - Bonnie (14 years ago 7/27/2009   10:52)
Absolutely rockin' show at the Poplar Friday night. All of you were shining stars. Possibly your best show ever. Jim, you are incredible! Thanks for keeping the best music ever alive.  - Hazel (14 years ago 7/26/2009   21:12)
FAB FOUR, thank you so much for another AMAZING show at the Poplar Friday nite. You guys are awesome, see you at the Emerald, June 27th.  - Bonnie (15 years ago 6/15/2009   08:43)
Thanks lads for another stellar show. The best music ever by the best Fabtastic Four ever! Jim, you are just priceless. Dennis, you amaze me. I'll be sending the pictures later in the week.  - Hazel (15 years ago 6/14/2009   18:43)
Fab Four, another awesome show last nite at Catches. Thank you guys so much for the BEST music ever. See you on JUNE 27TH.  - Bonnie (15 years ago 5/31/2009   17:53)
Thanks for a great show at Catches last night. All of you have such passion for what you do. Appreciate "Rita". Den, you and Jim are just awesome! Can't wait until the next show. Hugs, Rita  - Hazel (15 years ago 5/31/2009   14:23)
You just rock my socks off!! Fabulous show last night at Poplar. Thanks so much for "Rita" and "Helter Skelter". Everyone of you are awesome. Can't wait for next weekend. Hugs, Pru aka Rita  - Rita (15 years ago 4/26/2009   18:38)
FAB FOUR,another incredible show last nite at the Poplar, I have to admit you're getting better, getting so much better all the time. Thank you so much for playing the greatest music of all time.  - Bonnie (15 years ago 4/26/2009   16:34)
Dennis and the entire Crew, Much thanks for a fabtabulous night at CC's Saturday night. Loved the show! All of you are awesome. Thanks for keeping the best music ever made alive. Love, Rita  - Prudence aka Rita (15 years ago 3/31/2009   19:40)
Dennis, the Fab Four show Saturday at CC's was amazing. You guys have really got it together and your fan base is growing. Thanks again for great Beatle music.  - Bonnie (15 years ago 3/30/2009   09:21)
Dennis, haven't seen you in about a year. Went to the Lodge 2 weeks ago and truly amazed!! Saw SO MANY people I haven't seen since graduation (82). Hope all is well. See you soon at the Lodge!!  - Mike Holden (15 years ago 3/17/2009   12:45)
Dennis, the Fabtastic Four show at the Poplar Friday nite was amazing. You guys were nailing those BEATLE tunes all nite! Especially liked Slow Down/Kitten - you put that together real nice. C u soon  - Bonnie (15 years ago 2/23/2009   11:20)
Hey Den, I heard your debut at the all new Lodge was superfine. I submit my apology in regard to my absence. I'll have make it up next time - rawk on dewd!!! We shall partay! G  - Romaniac (15 years ago 1/29/2009   20:51)
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