Tom Reyes on Piano

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Pianist, B3 Organist, Composer, Tom Reyes has been an active performer, and jazz advocate for years. He performs with his own group, and as a soloist. The son of a Filipino immigrant father, and American mother, is largely a self taught creative musician grounded in the American jazz lexicon, and drawing from a range of traditions. His current recordings feature his compositions, in the moment improvisations, and innovative arrangements of jazz standards. He is the leader of the mainstream jazz band Tom Reyes & Friends, and Lovecraft. Tom Reyes was inducted into the Maryland Entertainment Hall Of Fame in May, 2016. He was inducted  again into the Maryland Entertaiment  Hall Of Fame as Bandleader, and member of the Reyes Brothers Band in November, 2019. He has also been three times nominated  for a Maryland Music Award in the Jazz category in 2015, 2016, and 2017. IN 2018, Tom Reyes was a producing partner of the Piece Of Peace Music and Arts Festival.



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