Guilty as Charged

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Guest Book


Your guys played at the VFW in Arbutus this past Saturday night, You guys were Really Great .Awesome Job even the two senior ladies I was with really enjoyed your music. Hope to see your group again one of the best at the VFW . Thank you  - Kitty Honaker (2 years ago 2/28/2022   09:05)
Just saw you guys at s n j s. Great time lots of fun  - Dale (5 years ago 11/26/2018   10:26)
love this band,music&lights!!! shine on~~~*  - tea (10 years ago 3/30/2013   20:44)
love the new band picture you guys. i still follow ya. i be there for a gig soon. love yas.  - lori jo (12 years ago 8/22/2011   18:21)
you guys were awesome at nabbs creek;i haven't seen a band like this in a while. i can't wait for the next show  - fred (13 years ago 11/24/2010   22:47)
Headed to Journeys to rock with the Guilty Boys....  - JOE & JOYCE (14 years ago 12/11/2009   20:37)
I used to be Greg's ex-roommate and I didn't know how good these guys were until I saw them at Crossroads. I'm also glad that Mick took over the vocals. You guys rock!!  - Lenny (15 years ago 6/10/2008   15:14)
hey guys great job at the hoot you all rock the place thank you murph  - trannyman21032 (16 years ago 7/30/2007   18:35)
meagain = getreal... Its about time you showed back up. Last I heard you were giving 5.00 blumpkins in the wal-mart bathroom.  - Rusty (16 years ago 7/27/2007   15:15)
hey guys cant wait to see you all in the hoot  - trannyman21032 (16 years ago 7/25/2007   21:56)
ROCK ON!!  - BONBON (16 years ago 7/5/2007   22:54)
you guys just are no good sorry for the truth i, i know it always hurts.  - meagain (16 years ago 7/1/2007   18:32)
hope to check you guys out soon. Hey Carlos, stay in the pocket !!!! Thanks, hope springs eternal or some bullshit like that.  - Diane (16 years ago 3/30/2007   16:59)
Get real cant help it... He was breastfed by his father. Just a keyboard toughguy. I guarantee you he'd never say anything to your face. Jump in front of a bus jackass.  - Rusty (17 years ago 1/19/2007   11:24)
wrong again losers,,ha ,,,i get laid every night, not like you ,,but it just cant get any ,,,ah who cares you suck  - get real (17 years ago 1/13/2007   23:55)
"Get Real" probably didn't get laid that night, so now he wants to blame the band for his bad luck!  - Random Groupie (17 years ago 1/11/2007   11:52)
you guys again!!!come on the worst band out there ?????yes,dont worry i dont come see you guys anymore my ears cant take listeningto that crap  - get real (17 years ago 1/7/2007   09:52)
In response to the comment that "get real" posted on 11/23/06 stating that this band sounds horrible, just let me say as the former lead singer of this band that this guy is either deaf or has a brain the size of his penis. These guys truly rock!!  - Dr. Ron (17 years ago 11/29/2006   13:34)
hey guys graet pic looking forward to see you all soon sorry some piss ant wants to spoil your parade! murphman  - trannyman21032 (17 years ago 11/23/2006   22:32)
hey guys, don't let pissants clog your guest book ; perhaps the jealous ones should send you a resume to join the band.  - catrina (17 years ago 11/23/2006   22:22)
come on guys please stop,your kidding me right ?horrible is what you sound like !!!!  - get real (17 years ago 11/23/2006   14:44)
gentlemen, thank you for an awesome job & set of zepplin that you did. It would'nt have been the same without you. I'm still getting calls a week later. I appreciate everything you did & am looking forward to the next jam!!!  - trannyman21032 (17 years ago 11/19/2006   19:42)
Thank you for making Bill's 40th the best it could possibly be. You guys were tight & on time & rocked the house. We are still hearing about it a week later! You're the best! Love love love!!! from Greg's other woman?!  - catrina (17 years ago 11/19/2006   19:37)
Hey guys!! Glad to see things are goin well for you guys. Keep on rockin!!  - Dr. Ron (17 years ago 10/19/2006   16:50)
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