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Guest Book


Caught you guys last night at Papas, Thought you guys were great! Going to try to see you guys tonight at the Bird River Inn  - Sonny (2 years ago 8/4/2018   10:37)
Blind Owl rocked the Black Forest Taphouse. If you havent seen this band, you need to get off your ass and check these dudes out. Three piece band that plays songs that sound exactly like the original artist. Rocket Man was an orchestra  - Tony (3 years ago 10/13/2017   22:40)
Blind Owl delivers again! Thanks for a great 40th! See ya soon  - The Stolls (4 years ago 9/16/2016   17:44)
6/19/15 - saw you at Bushmill Tavern. REALLY enjoyed listening and watching you. You have a GREAT sound. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you again somewhere soon.  - Kimberly (6 years ago 6/19/2015   23:19)
Anybody want to buy a girly looking black guitar?  - fexter sticky hands (8 years ago 8/10/2012   15:15)
RIP Tony Fenlock A true brother in arms.  - Luther (11 years ago 1/15/2010   11:33)
Saw you guys at the Shamrock, you added bass and a great player at that. Hope to hear more of this soon.  - Hank Sablanski (11 years ago 10/28/2009   14:55)
It was an honor sittin' in with y'all at Long Beach. Hope to see you again soon!  - gazzelle (11 years ago 9/27/2009   08:35)
we saw the band at catches.hope you all can come up and play for us at the hilltop.the music is all the stuff we like.  - ted from port deposit (12 years ago 1/20/2009   16:20)
I think what you really mean is the ladies need to keep an eye out for stiff bands. We enjoyed the music at the show at c-c`s.Keep on rocking guys.  - Joe King (12 years ago 1/7/2009   18:55)
dont be afraid if the gets stiff  - rex (12 years ago 12/31/2008   17:58)
Beware of stiff bands.  - Luther (12 years ago 12/15/2008   14:10)
beware of venues that stiff bands. BWB parkville  - sam (12 years ago 10/20/2008   20:41)
Blind Owl rocks! Looking forward to seein em at the Wild Duck in August!  - Robin / Oliver Beach (13 years ago 7/18/2008   00:58)
Lookin forward to seein the blind owl and havin a good time samplin some of uncle georges recipe with the farm boys.  - Roscoe Gotterdun (13 years ago 6/28/2008   08:25)
saw you playing at the long beach inn. The band has a really good sound for only three guys.Jethro Tull was unbelievable.  - dave / oliver beach (13 years ago 3/19/2008   01:06)
looks like ill be seeing you guys at the coach house with our old buddy oyster joe and canned tuna  - justin thyme (13 years ago 1/22/2008   02:50)
When are you playing again. Where?  - angela (13 years ago 11/5/2007   16:29)
Great show on Sat. at Fiore Winery. We really enjoyed your music.  - Kim (13 years ago 10/1/2007   13:21)
saw you all at MacGreggors last week, excellent music, you rarely here classics like the ones you played.  - lmm (14 years ago 7/20/2007   15:31)
me (melissa) jenny cindy dave john and larry saw you for the first time and the harmonies were awesome tonight my favorite was rocket man (food for thought) maybe play some early eighties love to see you guys again real soon keep on rocking  - new fan (14 years ago 6/25/2007   00:37)
i was watching my uncle and the gang throwing down some tunes this afternoon they sounded great the whole time  - kahn webster (14 years ago 6/25/2007   00:24)
I'm listening to blind owl now and they kick ass  - justin siduvue (14 years ago 6/24/2007   19:40)
its good to see my uncle hugh out on the pro likkit tour  - kahn webster (14 years ago 6/22/2007   14:02)
It looks like jp has a writing disability. The band sounded really good at McGreggars saturday.  - Justin Thyme (14 years ago 6/21/2007   06:40)
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