Dean Crawford & The Dunn's River Band

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Guest Book


looked at your mention of Kenny...WTF? In any case....we LOVE you ALL  - The Overcash family (8 months ago 9/8/2023   23:10)
I have seen you and the band on different schedules this is the 1st time that I think that we have actually have had the chance to hear you. This band is very talented and we were quite happy to hear you guys. The hubby is a Vol fire fight  - Chastity (10 months ago 7/29/2023   19:41)
Maybe this 3rd time to perform at Urbana Carnival will really happen !!!! First time I was hospitalized, last year a tornado like storm happened before your appearance, so this year is a must !!! Looking forward to seeing you on July 22.  - Betty White (11 months ago 6/18/2023   15:14)
A big HELLO Dean. I was able to get you to entertain for the 1st time at the Urbana Vol Fire Department carnival recently, unfortunately I was not able to be there for you. I passed out on Tuesday and taken to hospital. MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!  - Betty White from Urbana (2 years ago 8/14/2021   10:20)
Hi Dean, miss all the good times, I was flicking around seeing who’s up to what. Tell the guys we said Hi. Hopefully they will get this crap under control. You all stay safe. Frank  - Frank , Ginger Slaughter (3 years ago 10/20/2020   23:14)
Hey Dean. What year were you born  - Linda Fuller (4 years ago 1/27/2020   19:36)
Saw you guys last night at Hollywood,,you guys were the best..  - Paula Miller (4 years ago 10/6/2019   07:25)
Hi Dean it’s Sandys aunt Dee! Miss seeing you and the boys! I love watching you sing it just does something to me love you and the band see you real soon I need a Dean fix💕💕💕  - Dee Barbrey (4 years ago 9/15/2019   22:56)
it was nice seeing you at pops its been years  - bobby murphy (5 years ago 5/18/2019   13:47)
hey i miss u alot and hope everything is well  - this is for bobby murphy (5 years ago 5/18/2019   13:31)
I am on Facebook. Wonder what happened to u all  - Cindy mitzel (5 years ago 4/23/2019   18:29)
We miss u at hanover moose n mcsherrystown moose in hanover pa  - Cindy mitzel (5 years ago 4/23/2019   18:25)
Dean we love you and your band and was so happy when you came to my granddaughter drema boone funeral amd sang . she would of been so happy you are an amazing friend and may god bless you always  - Osie carol babylon (5 years ago 6/17/2018   11:48)
Love you guys! Always kind. Always gracious. Always genuine. See you soon.  - Kathy Sharrah (6 years ago 4/8/2018   00:37)
Fantasic show. Cannot wait for the next one.!!!!  - Darlene Boblitz (6 years ago 3/20/2018   16:11)
Love your band Dean, 1st time seeing you. You’re awesome. Hollywood Casino is too small no where to sit and they’re alway short staffed. Hope to see you at Riverwatch or the Crazy Tuna this year. 2018TVAJZ  - Vicki (6 years ago 3/11/2018   15:42)
Awesome singer and band. 1st timer to hear you guys was past Saturday at Donnas. It won't be my last. Absolutely awesome guys.  - Ed Lundy (6 years ago 2/13/2018   11:25)
Hey Dean, hope to see you soon at a show. The reason is because I miss you. I love you.  - Kelly (6 years ago 8/11/2017   16:11)
Hey Dean i hope you remember me i am the one who likes to touch that wonderful nice butt of yours everytime i get my photo taken with you. I love it hope you don't mine it  - Paula Sheely (6 years ago 8/6/2017   21:01)
Love you Dean.  - Paula Sheely (6 years ago 8/6/2017   20:57)
miss you hope to see at pops happy new year and i wish you the best lv maryanne  - bobby murphy (7 years ago 1/1/2017   11:23)
whats up dean  - joey (9 years ago 9/19/2014   16:20)
hi it was nice seeing you i hope your mom is well give me a call 443-279-8781 take care  - bobby murphy (9 years ago 6/29/2014   13:35)
it was nice seeing you on saturday i think the band should hv been at main stage i hope to see you soon  - bobby murphy (9 years ago 6/29/2014   13:28)
i hope everything works out in your life and your mom is well  - bobby murphy (10 years ago 6/30/2013   18:54)
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