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Members: Mike Needer - Drums/Percussion/Vocals & DJ/KJ DJ Dirty Sean - DJ / KJ DJ Double A - DJ / KJ / Trivia Host DJ Mini-Me - DJ / KJ DJ Special K - DJ / KJ

Established: July 2000

Does The Solution provide entertainment for private parties?

Absolutely!!! The Solution has played various private parties ranging from bull roasts to weddings, and everything in between.

Where has The Solution performed?

Anywhere and everywhere!!! You can log onto our web site @ for a detailed list. Also, we are always looking for regular, weekly shows. Not just Friday & Saturday Night gigs, but any night of the week, so if you've got a bar, or a friend has a bar, or even a friend of a friend has a bar and they need a DJ, Karaoke Jockey or even a live acoustic band...give us a call!!!

For references, from private events, please feel free to contact Mike Needer @ (410) 935-3000 or send an e-mail to

What is The Solution's favorite type of crowd to entertain?

Any type of crowd!!! We've worked large halls full of wild beer guzzlers, field parties and even smaller more intimate shows where we were just background music. It's all about YOU! Whatever kind of show you are looking for, we have The SOLUTION!