Whisky Train

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Guest Book


Whisky train rocks Baltimore  - Goose (4 years ago 1/28/2018   20:18)
How cool to open for Robin Trower! You guys are really good -- I'm sure the crowd will love you. Congratulations!!  - Sally (14 years ago 3/4/2008   10:45)
SAW YOU GUYS FOR THE FIRST TIME AT THE EMERALD ON MAY 26, 2007.YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!!!  - Dee Lewis (14 years ago 5/28/2007   21:26)
Hey guys saw you at house of rock. A band like this has alot of talent and keeps rock&roll alive all of you take care see you at the EMERALD TAVER soon keep up the good work ther is only afew good bands out ther & your one of them  - GREG (17 years ago 5/14/2005   08:30)
Hey guys. Its been awhile since I last saw you. I'm sure I'll see you soon. Until then rock on!  - Jessica Hampton (17 years ago 4/14/2005   18:17)

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