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"I know I'm mad, I've always been mad...

Professional percussionist (not drummer) playing with (and available to play with) guitar / vocalists, bands, and shows bands. I have the privilege of playing with some of the better musicians in MD, including - Sloe Jim, Steve Tourison, Lyle Montayne, Sabrina, California Bob, John Ellis Show Band, and many others. Can cover most any song you can throw at me. If you're good as a solo, I'll help you sound better as a duo. 

Main influences - I love tight syncopation and great imagination. Steve Gadd, Stewart Copeland, and Larry Mullen Jr come to mind.

Where have you played? MD, NJ, PA, NY, DC, VA

What are you best known for? Unique style, high energy, passion, CLEAR sound.

CLEAR sound?

I worked many years as a stage tech and later as head sound tech. I've got experience in live sound production, recording arts, and post production. I've also DJ's over 75 weddings. I know my way around a PA. Ever work with anyone "famous"? Julio Iglesias, Eddie Fisher, The Lettermen, the Ink Spots, etc (sound/stage work).


Saturday, December 30, 2017
I team up with the Talented Dave Levine for an afternoon of winter frolic at the best venue in Baltimore.Playing classic requests from 4 - 8.  Bring the kids, leave the worries behind.
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