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   Time for another update I guess. Seven years of shows at Baker's has ended (at least for now) a new place has given me a date, hopefully with others to follow, I still have a booking to list as my Md Party multi-year subscription expires, but the news it took me the longest to come to terms with is I'm SEVENTY years old.   

    Hoping Tom keeps this site up as it's the only place online I list. I'm not saying using Face tube you book or twaddle makes you ignorant hateful or stupid, just not going to visit sites which seem to always mine the lowest level of human interaction. You go ahead though I'm sure many people are on pins and needles waiting for your next post!

Peace n Love y'all



Saturday, December 3, 2022
The Coach House Inn,  Baltimore MD

Oyster Joe Gay has a date for an open jam from 8 to 12.

Pa drums and bass amp will be there.

Always striving for minimal rules but make every effort to assure everybody has the time they want.I usually include we'll go over if everybody isn't finished but open mics tend to be three hours not four and finish earlier than twelve so we'll see what happens.

The last time we did it fun was had.

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