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     Thanks to the beautiful and talented Hayley Bald for the new photo. I loved Doug's drawings but feel I should freshen the page at least every few months.
    Well Joe2 seems to be over after a wonderful once a month dinner gig for three and a half years. Not fired, just a new system new promoters who don't want to return messages from this ols folkie.
   Doing duos with the other surviving Love Cowboy Joe the massa Caleb as well as one with Patty Baker Finn, Tom Titus and who knows what else may develop.
   I also picked up another bass player backup singer gig with a band called Against The Wall. I liked their repetoire so much I begged my way in.
   Blue Collar Band is alive and possibly becoming better than ever but as always books quality over quantity being careful to avoid snow and football.  Whatever booking we end up taking I'll be sure to post here.
   Thanks to everyone who comes out in support. Peace n love


Friday, December 15, 2017
Baker's,  Middle River MD
Might be just me guest performers encouraged. 6 to 9
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Friday, December 29, 2017
Baker's,  Middle River MD
Closing another year at Baker's where it feels just like playing at home. Players and singers always encouraged. 6 to 9
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