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Sunday, November 8, 2020 11:22
Subject: Sound & Lighting seeking bands wanting more than "Just Enough to get by"
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Name: Steve K

I'm a veteran sound & lighting engineer who is seeking a band that wants to look and sound your best regardless of the size of the room.  Whether it's for that one "special" show or on a long term basis, I want to find a good match.  Clubs, private parties, weddings...I do them all.

I live in Gaithersburg but I'll travel anywhere in the Delmarva area.  I still have a day job near Dulles Airport, (gotta eat somehow), but leave early on Fridays for gigs, and have Sat & Sun open as well.  Occasional Weekdays are also doable.

I bring 50 years of experience with me.  In addition to sound & lights I play trumpet and am a reasonably good photographer and videographer.  I can make you some rally nice multi-camera demos.  I've played most of the area clubs and halls and can help with booking if you want it.

I'm used to a 2 gig per weekend schedule, (usually Fri-Sat), and three is also possible.  If you want more than "just getting by" and have a commitment to the best show every show, give me a call and let's talk.  I can provide videos and photos of my work.
Contact: Seven oh three nine three too for one ate won
MD / VA / WV / Southern PA / DE

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