Dying Breed at Brewer's Landing Bar & Grill

Saturday, June 2, 2018  
IT'S ON!  GET READY TO BE RAAAWWKED !  Jackie Joyce brings DYING BREED back to the East Side for a good ole' fashioned REUNION!  DEVIL HORNS UP ! AQUA NET AND FISHNETS GIRLS....LETS ROCK!

Dying Breed


Style: ROCK/DANCE/METAL - Crue - Zepp - Joplin - Dio - Def Leppard - Priest

Members: Jackie Joyce - lead vocals (and misc. percussion instruments) Melissa "Death Kitty" Houk - keys,bass, vocals Jeff Wilson - Guitar, vocals Gary Ogden - Guitar, vocals Bobby "DaMoon" LaLuna - Bass, vocals Butch "Animal" Leilich - Drums

How to Book: Contact Jackie: (443) 220-6409

Brewer's Landing Bar & Grill

801 Woodrow Ave  Essex  MD  21221
443-231-5037    MDparty Home
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