Dying Breed at Westminster Moose Lodge

Saturday, March 17, 2018  

"DYING BREED" IS ROCKIN ST. PATTY'S DAY !! Yes...bring your little lucky CHARMS out to dance the night away!

JACKIE JOYCE (formerly of Revolver) has gathered together a group of musicians like no other to REVISIT you and sweep you off your feet with all the music you forgot you loved....HEART/BENATAR/JOURNEY and more....even a special tribute to the infamous STEVIE NICKS!  So if you haven't left the 80's classics behind..THIS is where you'll want to be!  This event is OPEN...members AND QUALIFIED GUESTS...just visit the FB PAGE EVENT and respond or go to DYING BREEDS FB PAGE and send a message to be included on the guest list! BRING THE AQUA NET GIRLS!!

Dying Breed


Style: ROCK/DANCE/METAL - Crue - Zepp - Joplin - Dio - Def Leppard - Priest

Members: Jackie Joyce - lead vocals (and misc. percussion instruments) Melissa "Death Kitty" Houk - keys,bass, vocals Jeff Wilson - Guitar, vocals Gary Ogden - Guitar, vocals Bobby "DaMoon" LaLuna - Bass, vocals Butch "Animal" Leilich - Drums

How to Book: Contact Jackie: (443) 220-6409

Westminster Moose Lodge

309 Buena Vista Drive  Westminster  MD  21157
410-857-5821    MDparty Home
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