Dying Breed at Stables Restaurant

Saturday, December 16, 2017   (in 26 days)

Jackie Joyce brings her new band "DYING BREED" to Stables Stage with everything you've been asking for....."more STEVIE...more HEART...." along with a whole lotta rock n roll favorites you all grew up with! 

Van Halen ~ AC/DC ~ Grand Funk ~ Dokken ~ Poison ~ Crue ~ Priest ~ Def Leppard ~ Ratt ~ Zeppelin...& lots more!

In a world where HAMMERJACKS is still kickin'.....wearing your pants below your arse meant you were on your way to the bathroom..."rap" meant you were having a conversation and we still say PRESIDENT REAGEN ! (yes...there were OTHER Reagan years folks...not just AH - HA and Boy George....but we, the black sheep)  Come ready to RAAAWWWWKKKK !! Call and reserve your table for dinner (great food ) , tell Stanly and Tina you love them , and stay for the show !!

Dying Breed


Style: ROCK/DANCE/METAL - Crue - Zepp - Joplin - Dio - Def Leppard - Priest

Members: Jackie Joyce - lead vocals (and misc. percussion instruments)
Jeff Wilson - Guitar, vocals
Gary Ogden - Guitar, vocals
Nando "Tornado" Corado - Bass, vocals
Butch "Animal" Leilich - Drums

How to Book: Contact Jackie: (443) 220-6409

Stables Restaurant

452 East Main Street  Westminster  MD  21157
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Dani K     (3 months ago)
Most definitely will be there. Wouldn't miss it. And we WILL celebrate lead singer, Jackie's, birthday. Woot woot.