Dying Breed at Stables Restaurant

Friday, August 18, 2017  

Jackie Joyce brings her new band "DYING BREED" to Stables Stage with everything you've been asking for....."more STEVIE...more HEART...." along with a whole lotta rock n roll favorites you all grew up with! 

Van Halen ~ AC/DC ~ Grand Funk ~ Dokken ~ Poison ~ Crue ~ Priest ~ Def Leppard ~ Ratt ~ Zeppelin...& lots more!

In a world where HAMMERJACKS is still kickin'.....wearing your pants below your arse meant you were on your way to the bathroom..."rap" meant you were having a conversation and we still say PRESIDENT REAGEN ! (yes...there were OTHER Reagan years folks...not just AH - HA and Boy George....but we, the black sheep)  Come ready to RAAAWWWWKKKK !! Call and reserve your table for dinner (great food ) , tell Stanly and Tina you love them , and stay for the show !

Dying Breed


Style: ROCK/DANCE/METAL - Crue - Zepp - Joplin - Dio - Def Leppard - Priest

Members: Jackie Joyce - lead vocals (and misc. percussion instruments)
Jeff Wilson - Guitar, vocals
Gary Ogden - Guitar, vocals
Nando "Tornado" Corado - Bass, vocals
Butch "Animal" Leilich - Drums

How to Book: Contact Jackie: (443) 220-6409

Stables Restaurant

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