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Dominic Cantalupo - Drums, Percussion, Lead and Backing Vocals

Dominic started banging the skins in 1968 at the once famous Yeager's Music School in East Baltimore under the tutelage of Wayne Hudson and was featured in various Baltimore area bands throughout the mid 70’s to mid 80’s, including Elysian Fields, Hide-n-Seek and Nightwatch. A rare drummer/lead vocalist with over 45 yrs. of professional experience, his energetic and groove oriented style fits like a glove with Black Falls Band.

Greg McIsaac - Guitars, Harmonica, Lead and Backing Vocals

Greg handles Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Harmonica and Vocals since the 70's, Greg has performed locally for over 30 years in several bands and also as a solo acoustic player. With four decades of music in his soul; his high energy and solid skills propel Black Falls Band to be one of the area's best. 

Ryan Geraci - Bass, Lead and Backing Vocals

Ryan has been a Bassist and an avid musician since his early teenage years. After many years of lessons from various professional music instructors, he’s been cutting his teeth in local original and cover bands around the Baltimore area for the last 20 years. Heavily influenced in Blues, Soul, Funk, and old school Rock & Roll – He fuses these genres to make a musical voice styling of his own.

Erik "Big E" Kestler - Guitars, Ukelele, Lead and Backing Vocals

Erik "Big E" Kestler plays smoking lead and rhythm guitar and sings lead and backup. "Big E" brings years of professional experience to Black Falls Band and his energetic stage performances are captivating. His past bands include Chuggalug, AB Normal, Beatin' the Odds, Flat-Out, Red Tractor Factory, Vineyard Pilgrim and the Shoehorns. 


Established: September 2006

How many shows do you perform per month?

On average, 1-2 shows per month and sometimes more

Where Can I Catch Your Group?

Rams Head Savage Mill, Rams Head Roadhouse, Bare Bones, Perry's, JV's, Cat's Eye Pub, Crofton Cantina,The Waterfront Hotel, Admiral's Cup, The Barn, Crossroads Tavern, Sylvester's Saloon, Heavy Seas Brewery, Flying Dog, Burley Oak, Hightopps, Gunpowder Lodge, Pratt Street Ale House, Oktoberfest, Great Grapes Wine Fest, Power Plant Live, Joe Squared, The Office, Poplar Inn, Emerald Tavern, Red Brick Station, National Harbor, The Birdcage, Mashout, Red n Black, Memphis Belle, Second Chance Saloon, Federal Hill Jazz and Blues Fest, Merry Woodstock and many more.

What can I expect to see at your shows?

High energy mix of danceable Roots Rock, Funky Blues, Swamp and Grinding Blues and Classic Rock. Four lead vocalist, harmonica, slide and acoustic guitars and a tight rhythm section. We play a great selection of songs that you know and songs you wish you knew. We utilize high end audio and lighting and create a professional show every time we play.