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Guest Book


Always look forward to seeing you play. I still remember me, you, Dave, Lee, Kenny, Jamie, Liz, Kathy and Lisa hanging out at the beach or the back of the school with Lowenbrau ponies 32 years ago. Can't believe we are still going strong.  - Freddie Louck (7 years ago 7/21/2016   12:13)
Known Jim since I was 15 and always loved listening to him sing.....I still try to make his appearances whenever I'm not working when he's local .  - Myssie Ebright (7 years ago 5/27/2016   10:44)
I always look forward to seeing Jim play; always a great time! He is an accomplished guitarist and vocalist! My husband and I went to see his trio on NYE 2011, and we rocked the night away!  - Laura Nickey (11 years ago 1/21/2012   14:45)
Hey Son, sorry it has taken so long for me to sign your guest book. I really enjoyed the performance with you and Angie at Union Jack's. I think you are great, but then again I'm your Mom!!  - Judy Wright (12 years ago 9/19/2011   15:39)
hi guyzzz! thanks for reaching out @ shamrock to fill the music void we HAD! ;) just what the docta' ordered =) very glad to hear you all =) add me to list t~  - t~ aka teresa (15 years ago 10/12/2008   10:20)
Hey Jim - we came to see you Sat. nite and were too late! Let me know the names of the songs you mentioned and I'll check them out. See you at Luke's in August!  - Kathy Jones (15 years ago 7/15/2008   07:40)
pam and i will come see u soon  - dave cronise (15 years ago 5/9/2008   16:01)
Looking forward to seeing you at Luke's Friday night! We'll be late, but we'll be there and are bringing as many friends as we can get together. See you then!  - Kathy (16 years ago 12/9/2007   23:03)
Hey... this guy ROCKS! Even if he was a punk kid growing up in Pasadena! :)~ Can't wait to see/hear ya on the 15th!!!! It will be a blast!  - Lisa (16 years ago 11/13/2007   17:19)
Hi Jim, Always enjoy listening to you and appreciate you letting me sing with you at Luke's. Let us know when you'll be there again!  - Kathy (16 years ago 9/5/2007   17:22)
Thanks for signing the book.Please put your email address below or I cant send info  - Jim Matteo (16 years ago 3/9/2007   09:04)
Hi Jim, It's your X Sister-in-Law, Kim, here. I was just tooling around on the web and came across your site. Looks like you are doing great. Congratulations. Tell the family I said Hello. God Bless! Kim  - Kim (16 years ago 3/8/2007   09:49)
Jim I have not seen you play in a while & would like to get e-mails when and where you are playing  - Cathy (16 years ago 3/8/2007   09:02)
Hey Jimmy. My family and I love coming out and seeing you. We always have a blast  - Sandy (16 years ago 3/7/2007   07:34)
yo...  - Frank the Crank (16 years ago 3/6/2007   21:02)
If ya get this far sign your email for future shows you'll be contacted :) :) :)  - Sloejim Acoustiks 2006,7 (16 years ago 12/17/2006   03:10)
Thanks Kiaran! see you soon.  - Sloe Jim (17 years ago 7/12/2006   16:42)
We met with Jim last night and we are so excited to have him be a part of our wedding as the DJ. Thanks Jim, and again it was so nice to meet you!!  - Kiaran (17 years ago 7/12/2006   11:36)

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