Ronnie Wayne & TideWater Band

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Members: Ronnie Wayne - lead vocals / rythum guitar Wayne Webber - lead guitar / vocals Guy Matricciani - lead guitar Mark Potter - bass guitar / vocals Chris Thompson - Drums / vocals Dee Walden - Band Administrator -------------------------------------------- ***Gone but never Forgotten!*** Tim "Yo-Man" Grauel - drums / vocals (1997-11/2006)

Established: 1997

Where have you performed?

Over the years, TideWater has had the pleasure of performing at the PG County Fair, Baltimore Convention Center, St.Mary's County Fair, Ocean City, Cancun West, Cancun Cantina, CharlesTown Slots, Nick's and local venues like Pop's Tavern, Little Texas, Rockabilly's, Remmington's, My Way and more.
In addition, members have performed on "Rainy after Dark", a local Nashville cable variety show and "The Appalacian Jubilee", a stage/radio show out of Chambersburg PA. , and performed as an opening act to folks like, Lila Mccann, HiWay101, Gretchin Wilson.

What is the Bands motivation ?

.... NO DOUBT....
Like anyone in the business, music is a motivator, but OUR AUDIENCE / OUR PEOPLE that have braved the elements, manipulated they're schedules, and stood by us through the years are the reason we're here. And, with that continued support, will be for a long time to come.

What can I expect to see at your shows?

That's simple!
A high energy show and a lot of good people having a great time.
Wanna line dance? come on..
Wanna sit and enjoy the atmosphere? come on..
Wanna see Ronnie Waynes hips in action ? DON"T LOOK ETHEL!! (just kidd'n) COME ON.. it's all GOOD !