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Guest Book


As a friend of the band since 2012,Hearing of Stephens wife an illness has broke my heart. I have an will be praying for him. I have the upmost love and respect for all 4 guys an will be supporting them through this ordeal an at thier event  - Heather (2 years ago 9/20/2017   12:47)
As many of you already know already,Stephen has taken a short leave from the band to fight a serious illness.We ask to pray for him and his speedy return. "Thank You All with all our Hearts" for your love and support ! God Bless YOU!!  - To all our Friends (3 years ago 12/24/2016   11:09)
Am a Senior Citizen who really enjoys their great mix of music and dancing to it. The guys in the band are super nice and always have time to chat. Well done.  - Anna Yates (3 years ago 11/10/2016   07:41)
Thank you so much Four of Kind for an unforgettable night of great music at the Elks Club in Glen Burnie. My sister and I haven't danced that much in years. For a Great Time dancing and to party go see Four of Kind!  - Debbie & Diane (3 years ago 10/25/2016   16:40)
Thank you so much to all our Family & friends whos unconditional Love & Support has propelled us thru the last 13 years, but will launch us thru to the future and beyond.You all are the Best ! We Love You All ! Gary, Geno, John & Stephen  - Four of a Kind (4 years ago 3/16/2016   12:33)
You were awesome laat night. Cannot wait to see you all next weekend!  - KAren (4 years ago 10/24/2015   09:06)
This is my favorite band and has been sense 9/12/08 the first timer I heard them. They are awesome! If you get the opportunity to see these guys take it you will not regret the time you spent.  - Ed (Marine) (5 years ago 1/3/2015   16:40)
Happy New Year!!! Great to see you all this evening at the Annapolis Moose Lodge.  - Cheryl (5 years ago 1/3/2015   00:53)
Yabba dabba doooooo!!  - Randy (6 years ago 12/13/2013   16:09)
what's up yall! I missed you at Andersons last Wed. Hear it was awesome though. I am glad you are doin a re run this week. Awesome.  - Corey (6 years ago 12/5/2013   18:26)
AMAZING Band! Perfect songs for a great night of the best variety of different kinds of music. Good tunes and genuinely nice guys!! Thanks!! We will DEFINITELY see you again soon!  - Rodney and Kaye (6 years ago 5/17/2013   10:38)
Thanks for a great time last night at the Moose! I will mos def look you guys up again n bring more friends!!  - Marc (7 years ago 4/6/2013   17:54)
Sure are missing you guys. Can't wait for April 13th, will have my dancing shoes on that night. We will rock Toots.  - Cathy (7 years ago 3/23/2013   15:59)
Had an awesome time last night!!!!! Best classic rock band ever. Me and Lisa danced our tushies off. Loved you guys, and we will be back.  - Keely (7 years ago 3/23/2013   09:39)
We were at the Moose on the 22nd of Mar. and heard the band for the first time. Clearly we were blown away. Danced up a good lather and Gary could not have been nicer when we conversed with him.  - Ron (7 years ago 3/23/2013   09:13)
Hey! I will be loose as a goose at the moose on Friday! haha  - Mike (7 years ago 3/13/2013   20:01)
you guys are amazing!! thanks for making our nite a fun one!! we will b back to see u guys soon!!!!! next time il bring more friends!!!  - heather & michael (7 years ago 2/16/2013   15:31)
Just want to tell you guys I sure do miss not being able to hearing you this weekend. Dancing won't be the same with out your music.  - Cathy (7 years ago 2/16/2013   12:04)
Last night was a great show guys as always. Really enoyed it. Take care hope to see you all very soon. Really tired today but it was all worth every minute of it.  - Cathy (7 years ago 2/9/2013   13:20)
Wonderful night at Anderson's Bar Saturday night! They really kept us dancing. We planned to stop by for a 'few minutes' & ended up staying the rest of the night. Can't wait to see you guys again!!  - Regina (7 years ago 2/4/2013   13:59)
It was an awesome time last night at Anderson's. Great music and band. We always have fun when you guys are playing. When Four Of Kind plays if someone doesn't have fun they have a problem.  - Cathy (7 years ago 2/3/2013   13:56)
I have seen Four of a Kind twice now. GREAT BAND!!! They definitely rock the house with everyone's favorite tunes. Do yourself a favor and catch a show. You'll dance your tail off!  - Theresa H. (7 years ago 2/2/2013   10:31)
I came down from B'more on Dec. 15th to visit my sister and she took me to see you guys @ Toots Bar. The band ROCKED ! The crowd , Hot women , the drinks and I made a few new friends. AWESOME NIGHT !!  - Kenny (7 years ago 1/12/2013   09:50)

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