David Davol

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PA capabilities:

    Peavey powered mixers, main PA head, monitor PA head

    Biamp powered mixer, accessory PA head

    Mackie c300 PA Speakers, house speakers

    Electro-Voice SH-15-2 speakers, addtitional house speakers  for larger venues

    Peavey Black Widow monitor speakers

    Toshiba Satellite Laptop with Roland Sound Canvas,
    MIDI sequencing and sound source

    DigiTech Live 2, real time harmony vocal processor,
    providing 3 part vocal harmony in a solo acoustic setting


    Instruments available for live shows:

    Larivee Model LV-O3R acoustic/electric guitar, main acoustic

    Takamine Model EF-360 S acoustic/electric guitar, back-up acoustic

    1970 Gibson Les Paul Custom Gold Top electric guitar

    Gretch Historic Series f-hole arch top electric jazz guitar

    Takamine EG128SR nylon string classical acoustic/electric guitar