David Davol

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Guest Book


YOU'RE MY BOY! Look forward to each and every Sunday night at Pazzo Vienna now bro.  - Number one fan Chris C (7 months ago 10/23/2022   14:04)
I ran across your music, purchased a lot of your songs, all I can say keep up the great music! Vonnatevts1@msn.com  - Nate Knox. Fayetteville (9 years ago 6/3/2014   14:53)
We look forward seeing you soon!!  - Gary & Leslie (10 years ago 4/30/2013   22:01)
Great meeting and listening to you at Carmillo's last night!  - Whitney (13 years ago 3/25/2010   16:09)
How have you been--remember me--Little Ray DJ from Carnival??? Where did all your hair go?  - DJ Ray/Carnival Cruise (15 years ago 3/2/2008   17:12)
just saying hello  - uncle jay (15 years ago 2/13/2008   18:45)
nice to have met u at mcmahons friday nite....rock on!  - jon fritz (15 years ago 12/24/2007   11:08)
Another great show...Lakeside Inn was rocking.....thanks for a great night  - Dave (15 years ago 12/16/2007   02:41)
Heard great reviews. Looking forward to hearing you at CIP, Pasadena. I'll be the one with all the sunglasses.  - Deneen (15 years ago 10/22/2007   10:53)
you were awesome at old dominion brew pub- my family had a good time. see you in a few weeks at lakeside  - Dave (15 years ago 9/27/2007   21:01)
For David Pollard: living and working in Virginia now, Tahoe is just a memory, or a future vacation spot. Thanks for catching up!  - David Davol (15 years ago 9/8/2007   01:34)
Saw you on Carnival Cruise to Mexico a couple of years ago and you were great. When are you going to be back in Tahoe? Would love to catch your show there.  - David Pollard (15 years ago 9/7/2007   23:31)
I saw u at cheeseburger in paradise in california md last week and i like ur music. i bought one of your cd's and ive been listenin to it all week. thanks for the good music ill try to get back and see ya when you come back down  - chris burdette (16 years ago 4/26/2007   20:30)
Loved your performance at Cheeseburger in Paradise  - Bob (16 years ago 3/26/2007   16:56)
Great show! I really enjoyed the style and the quality.  - David Lockney (16 years ago 3/26/2007   12:07)
Hey there Dave.. I'm not sure if this is you. I was on a carinval cruise to Mexico , And i belive it was you who was entertaining us..You were fabulous.. We would ask for a song and you would pleasantly pull out of your music hat...the cruise was 98  - Hurge@comcast.net (17 years ago 2/2/2006   13:37)

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