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Guest Book


Band is great and I always look forward to when they are playing! I've never heard female vocals like that before that hasn't gone pro.  - Tom (one year ago 7/19/2019   13:35)
excellent talent; ps; the person above who states, "the bass player is terrible", is tone deaf, and a real douche bag  - dennis gilbert (3 years ago 4/9/2017   11:32)
Hank,I still can't get the Wild West song out of my head.  - Kolleen (11 years ago 6/2/2009   15:55)
Kathy - Your playlist is our playlist! - mostly. Get your bandmates to play Klingers or Bay City or ... Alex @ The PEAK 98.5  - Alex Martin (11 years ago 9/11/2008   15:25)
you guys are great! i'm so excited to see you guys and my Poppop play on Auguat 30!  - Ashley (12 years ago 7/25/2008   17:37)

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