Guilty as Charged

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Members: Mick Vegas Frontman Vocals and Lead Guitar Jake Whipp Drums Greg G MONEY Guitar and Vocals Joe Bass Guitar and Vocals

Established: 11 2002

How many shows do you perform per month?

Three or Four

Where have you performed?

We play in various clubs, private parties and charitable events.  We are always invited back to perform again and again. 

What can I expect to see at your shows?

An entertaining professional Rock n' Roll Show with lots of good music.  Everyone knows and loves the music we play.  A fun crowd that likes to drink, dance and have some fun.




Location: Maryland

How To Book: Michelle 443-449-3385 or Mick 443-867-5783

Will Perform: Our fan base is growing and Anne Arundel county is where we perform the most, but we'll travel for a good show and enjoy playing in new venues.

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