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Tim Amann - guitars & vocals  ( Memeber of MD Entertainment Hall of Fame )

Kathy Stanley - keys, guitar, percussion & vocals

Buzzy - percussion/drums   ( Member of MD Entertainment Hall of Fame )

Mr. Midi - everything else


Established: July 16,2004 - first 'live' date as the new Pet Rock !


Who are You guys?

Tim has played in every kind of band you can imagine over the years. He was 1/2 of the popular duo 'Wize Gize' & has appeared frequently with 'The Esquires' over the years. He's also a former member of 'TYME' and 'INDECISION'.

Kathy has performed Coast to Coast for many years and most recently settled into performing with the Classic Rock Dance Band 'Never Too Late’ . Kathy joined Pet Rock in late 2016. 

Kathy and  Tim provide top notch entertainment with excellent vocals, guitar and keys. And when we add some live percussion, it's icing on the cake . 

So, stop out to see us and hear the bigger and better sound of Pet Rock !

Where have you performed?


Over the years Pet ROck has played at many American Legions, Elks clubs, Moose Halls & VFW’s.

Outdoor venues have included annual appearances at the ‘Concert in the Park’ series in  Towson, Howard County Relay, Down's Park, Lithicum Park, Dundalk, Glen Burnie , Sykesville,  MiddelRidge Park   & a few others, too.

They've also hit a few bars over the years such as The Blue Lagoon, Captain K's, Jerry D’s, Kelsey's, Liberatore's, Mountain Branch, Snug Harbor & Woodstock (the INN).
Plus too many weddings, anniversaries, birthday's, bull roasts, private affairs and dances to list!
Where can we hear your demo CD or get more info?


Check out the AUDIO link at the top of our HOME PAGE
   --- OR ---
us a message from this web site and we'll send you a CD ! !