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Jimmy- great website. I'm happy to have the chance to play on a gig with you. JR Bynum  - JR Bynum (11 years ago 5/3/2009   09:44)
Jimmayyyy! Dont ask me how I found this, but I did! Cant wait to come out to several of your gigs this summer, now that Im about to be exposed to bars, lol. Love ya!  - Your sister-in-law, fool! (12 years ago 5/24/2008   10:46)
Looking forward to the first Saturday in June!!  - Donna Brink (12 years ago 5/1/2008   11:24)
saw you guys at golden sports bar..ya'll were great even b4 i started drinking,,ha ha..can't wait to see you again..ty  - marcie (13 years ago 10/31/2007   22:27)
It was good seeing you again. I always love hearing you play. Thanks for including me in your lyrics - I felt so special!  - Teresa (13 years ago 9/10/2007   17:24)
Thanks for including me in your photo. I'm honored!  - "H" (14 years ago 11/29/2006   10:05)
Jimmy...this is great! We had a great time last time you were in town dancing and singing along w/you guys! Solo spot is awesome! Can't wait to come down from PA. and see you perform again!  - Mary Frances (14 years ago 3/23/2006   11:18)
Jim it looks like we have the same name and ejoy playing the drums. How ever I think I might be a few years older and better looking LOL.  - Jimmy Brink (15 years ago 1/13/2006   12:42)
Amazing drummer, even back in the day! And when I say back...I mean BACK in the day. :)  - Me... (15 years ago 10/24/2005   22:28)
For a poker player, your a damn good drummer!  - Pubs (15 years ago 10/14/2005   13:37)
Wow Jimmy, you are too modest in person, your bio certainly shows your passion for music. Looking forward to hearing you with one or more of your bands  - Jay Montgomery 6 Jill Ct. (15 years ago 7/25/2005   12:22)
I've never heard a drummer with more talent and personality!!  - A friend (15 years ago 3/25/2005   10:13)
Very cool solo......... cant wait to see you again!!!!  - Anonymous (16 years ago 1/31/2005   21:27)

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