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Guest Book


Do you play John Prine, Bob Dylan  - Rob (2 years ago 6/5/2018   16:18)
Hey Mark, so whats the deal with Morsebergers? I want to come check the place out this eve. What kind of clientele in there on Mondays?  - Mike (cowboy mike) (12 years ago 3/10/2008   15:51)
Mark - we miss u very much here!!!! Brett said he talked to you about booking for this summer - give me a call or stop by so we can confirm some dates. You won't believe the changes we've made over here. WOW!!!  - Lisa @ Hard Yacht Cafe (12 years ago 1/2/2008   16:50)
Catch ya soon Widdip... wellll.... Thank you!  - David (12 years ago 12/30/2007   03:05)
Mark how the hell are ya! Joann was telling me about you were playing at applebees sorry i missed you. just wanted to say hi when you get a chance drop me an e-mail. Have a nice day  - Derek (12 years ago 11/8/2007   10:55)
how many dave mishkins could there possibly be and how many guitar chords does he know-- iknow all of them..  - dave mishkin (12 years ago 10/29/2007   16:42)
Dude your booked for the entire year..hey why didn't you mention you played at Brandenburgs wedding?? Rock on!  - Bill Brandenburg (13 years ago 5/24/2007   14:54)
You NEVER call me. Pat and I promise to stop by sometime. We are just sooo lazy. Hey, I work with a DR. Dave Mishkin. Not the same guy who gave you guitar lessons I would guess. I check out this site frequently. Maybe sometime I'll show up  - Ann Jacob (13 years ago 3/4/2007   11:36)
and so this is christmas and what have you done.........  - dave mishkin (13 years ago 12/23/2006   18:51)
Hey Mark, I saw you at Cheeseburger In Paradise. Wow... great voice and guitar! Easy to listen to and enjoy. I'll track you down soon to hear some more.  - Ben Rowland (13 years ago 11/6/2006   14:01)
i like the tele in your picture- how bout givin it to me- after all i did give you free guitar, how soon they forget............poke around and watch for the upcoming release of new cd..  - dave mishkin (13 years ago 10/15/2006   23:28)
Hi Barbara. I miss all you guys too. Very much. So good to hear from you. E-mail me sometime.Info is on the home page.  - Mark Jacob (13 years ago 9/26/2006   03:59)
Hi Mark , I miss your "Wicked Games" at Bullseye.  - Barbara (13 years ago 9/25/2006   16:49)
Mike How in the hell are you? E-mail me sometime. My address in on mdparty. Would love to hear from you.  - Mark Jacob (13 years ago 9/21/2006   14:22)
How are you doing? I was just surfin' and found you on here. Hope things are going well.  - Michael Stiffler/Raytheon (13 years ago 9/20/2006   13:30)
HI Mark. I enjoyed playing at the JB last night. Would you be interested in doing a few songs together?  - Paul Brosseau (13 years ago 8/9/2006   12:22)
Ron. How in the hell are you? Man I was thinking about you not long ago. Yes please come to the bench!!! You would love it. Contact my cell its on my md party page!  - mark (13 years ago 7/27/2006   23:26)
Mark...insulting my dead mother....ouch.. Still playing the Bulls Eye Pub? Haven't been there since Shadow and I played there. Will have to stop by the Judges Bench since I live in Ellicott City.  - Ron (13 years ago 7/27/2006   16:21)
an axquaintance of mine told me you might be looking for someone to do a duo acoustic with. have you had any luck finding anyone. here's my link on md. prty .  - jaime cascio (13 years ago 7/8/2006   14:46)
Oh and why yes Ron. I was in fact insulting my barber again. Your mom just does not do the job she use to do on my head. Thanks for asking Ron. Oh. And was there anything else you need to know?  - mark (14 years ago 6/8/2006   00:13)
Insulting your barber again?  - Ron (14 years ago 6/6/2006   16:25)
Ritch. Try to learn how to play the right chords,The right key, Oh and drop by some other open mic next time. You are the one who asked me to play with you. I was just trying to be nice by saying maby It was me who cant play guitar.Play on your own.  - Mark Jacob (14 years ago 6/2/2006   20:59)
still trying to figure out why i couldn't get a Dm-Bb slow jam outta the dude that runs the open mic. he told me he isn't a guitar player although i'm quitesure it was him playing, so i'm a bit confused as to what the system is in the judge's bench.  - rich (14 years ago 5/3/2006   19:24)

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