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Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for visiting my page! I've been doing my acoustic solo thing for over fourteen years now! I've met so many great people! We always have a good time.

    I am happy and proud to announce that July 28, 2017 was my 19 year anniversary of being healthy and cancer free!!! Thank you to the doctors and nurses at University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland for knowing exactly what to do to save my life and give me nineteen more years with the people I love!!!

     I also wanted to let everyone know that my song "My Baby Said Goodbye" has been released on Minotaur Records. A very talented singer/actress named Danielle Marcus has recorded my song and included it on her CD. It's a song I wrote a few years ago.
     You can find it on Napster, Rhapsody and of course itunes.
     Check it out. Danielle is a great singer and I think she did a great job on my tune.
     Minotaur Records will be sending her CD out to radio stations throughout the USA. So who knows what might happen.
     I'm very excited about this and wanted to share the news with all of you.

    Check out my CD at



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