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Greetings: this is two2guns here in Fort Worth TX. thank you for the invite and thank you alowing me to come in Ebony 40 Pluss to have fun it has been a blast! I got off to a rocky start but sence then I've been haveing nothing but fun. l  - TWO2GUNS (19 years ago 5/17/2005   18:15)
I was singing karaoke with DJ Steve at Time Out in Pasadena. You have a great selection and the computer is the way to go! Thanx!  - Lucy (19 years ago 3/28/2005   11:10)
These guys have a great selection. Check out their karaoke show.  - Doc (19 years ago 2/17/2005   15:17)  - Bob (19 years ago 2/16/2005   15:55)

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