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Guest Book


I can't wait to see you and the guys very soon Diva!  - Marilyn Malachi (9 years ago 1/18/2013   18:30)
Great seeing you guys again. Your music and sound is one of a kind! Keeps us all rockin. Don't ever stop doing what you do!  - Steve (13 years ago 8/30/2008   15:37)
It's ALL about the MUSIC MAN ... I had 3.4 Million in '82 ...then those two louses came , used up all my money on STUDIO TIAME !!!! ... then LINDSEY went and STOLE MY WIFE !!!!!!!  - Mick Fleet wood (16 years ago 5/26/2006   15:04)
I have discovered the downfall of Fleetwood Mac- it is was the time spent away from writing and recording music while posting messages about their suppossed demise on various websites ;-)  - Vicki Roberts (16 years ago 5/20/2006   08:29)
Sorry Mick never heard any of the songs listed, But I did check total sales Pre and post Stevie & Lindsey Pre= 35 Post 35 Million RUNIED the Band I think NOT!!!!!!  - Stevie & Lindsy (16 years ago 5/18/2006   21:29)
Songs the we did before Stevie & Lindsy RUINED !!!! the band :::: Sentimental Lady, Spare Me a Little of Your Love, Sands of Time, The Way I Feel, Tell Me All The Things You Do  - Mick Fleetwood (16 years ago 4/18/2006   15:18)
Can't wait to meet, to hear & to see you guys live! Andi & Earl say you're the best this side of The Big Easy :)  - leigh lawson-everstine (16 years ago 3/23/2006   20:23)
Congrats to Leroy and Shamika! We enjoyed celebrating your wedding with you.  - Vicki Roberts (16 years ago 10/5/2005   18:19)
we love you guys..cant wait to see you tonight at mangos bar and grill  - kristina and melvin muir (16 years ago 9/30/2005   17:27)
Thanks to all the patrons of Big Mary's Dock Bar this past Sunday for contributing to Katrina. And much Kudos to Tracy who was more than generous. Thanks to our Mustang Sally back up singers. Come back and see us soon!  - Vicki Roberts (16 years ago 9/19/2005   18:37)
You guy's have been away toooo Long, can't wait to see the Band in action again on Sunday at Big Mary's Dock Bar  - Sunshine (16 years ago 9/15/2005   08:47)

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