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Hello Carey, Hank Burnett with THE COLLIDERS, since the public can see this, I'm leaving this short: Our current bass player plays in way too many bands. Would you be interested?  - Hank Burnett (2 months ago 12/5/2019   06:15)
Saw you at Lurman tonight! I'm the keyboardist/vocalist from the Rebels (came with my trombonist) OMG!!! Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding!!! You are AMAZING!!! Will definitely see you again!  - Jeanine Zwick (7 months ago 7/7/2019   19:42)
I listened to 3 favorite musicians cd today. I have to say that CAREY ZIEGLER is a proven MASTER of the domain in every way! Dont stop PLEASE.Love Peace and PLAY ON!!!  - Janice Cheryl Piercy (one year ago 10/21/2018   16:52)
Had a great time at Lurman on Sunday 7/1/18... but was a little disappointed not to hear any Jimmy Buffett. I hear that he is one of the band's specialties. Next time, could you please play "Cheeseburger in Paradise"??  - Paul R (one year ago 7/5/2018   20:32)
A friend has been trying to get me to a show for years. Finally I made it to Club 66 on Saturday 6/8/18. AWESOME! What a good time and great show. I'll be back....  - Bill Bennett (one year ago 6/12/2018   11:58)
Do you play "Puff the Magic Dragon"?  - Wink (3 years ago 1/30/2017   18:11)
Loved hearing you & the band Saturday at Stables!! Can't wait for your next gig!!  - Barb Underwood (3 years ago 10/17/2016   08:35)
I'm seeing Carey...and I think I'll hold it for the whole event...originals or not  - Ron Doe Adcock (5 years ago 7/27/2014   13:00)

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