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Guest Book


You should post the times of your performances in the description section.  - Anonymous (8 years ago 7/31/2011   18:50)
I want to thank the band for what they did for my twins b-day party @ Perry's. The band really acknowledged their birthday. I have never seen a band do that as you guys did. We had a great time and we owe it to Oracle. I just wanted to say thanks!  - Patricia (11 years ago 4/23/2008   10:55)
Any info yet about the dance at Am Legion Post 40 on 2/17/07? Nothing is up yet on your website.  - marilyn (12 years ago 1/20/2007   07:58)
I caught you all at Perry's for the Halloween party last weekend. You guys were absolutely incredible! I haven't seen a live band in this area with a live fiddle player doing Dave Matthews stuff...fantastic! You all have so much energy!  - Ellen (13 years ago 11/4/2006   13:30)
Can't wait for you to come back to My Way in Laurel,MD.- Will see you when you play there again- you were excellent!  - Sandy (13 years ago 10/27/2006   02:43)
Hi I will be visiting Whispers Fri. evening and hope to enjoy hearing you guys for the first time. P.S. I love to dance and hope to do a lot of it...  - Joseph (13 years ago 5/15/2006   22:02)
Reservations for 2 3/17/06  - J. Sullivan (13 years ago 3/14/2006   22:59)
Keep up the great sound !!!!!!!!!!  - Ron Varnum (13 years ago 1/18/2006   19:50)
I heard you guys at Perry's last week. Wow...what a great time! You guys even hooked me up with someone to dance with! Thanks so much, & I'll see you at Whispers this weekend!  - Andrea (14 years ago 5/25/2005   11:43)
Nothing compares to your music. It's the best and perfect for dancing. Keep entertaining us and dazzling us with your talents. Thanks for loving what you do and for doing it so well.  - Barbara (14 years ago 4/30/2005   08:49)
I have yet to hear your band in full but I have been listening to Charlie, [we called him Chucky back in the day] for nearly 40 years....]. Maybe someday I can find my way from ME to MD  - Anne (14 years ago 4/29/2005   18:29)
You guys are GREAT! From night clubs to family pool parties, you know how to please a crowd!  - Faith (14 years ago 4/29/2005   16:10)
I think the world of you all... Good luck!!! I will let the bar owners I know that I think you all are wonderful.  - Gayle Stevick (14 years ago 4/29/2005   15:51)
I love the band. First heard them a couple years ago and have followed them since. Great music from all genres. Really nice folks and a great time for all ages.  - JoJo (14 years ago 4/29/2005   08:51)
The band is a great time for all ages. They play something that each of us can enjoy. Veronica's smile is contagious and makes you feel as happy as she seems! If you have never seen them, it is a treat! Enjoy a night of good music & good friends!  - Erin (14 years ago 4/29/2005   07:56)
My girlfriend Rhonda introduced me to Oracle almost two years ago! I'm STILL thanking her for that! What a great band. Lotsa energy, lotsa fun, and GREAT MUSIC. For the recent Changing Focus Benefit Dance they even sprang some Steppenwolf on us!  - D.J. Colbert (14 years ago 4/29/2005   05:08)
Hi guys! It's Nancy from Perry's. U guys are simply the much fun. Veronica, I can't believe how much energy U put into each & every performance. You guys R simply the best band in Md when it comes 2 a fun night of dancing & partying!!!  - Nancy (14 years ago 4/12/2005   21:36)

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