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Members: Mike Herrera - Guitar, Vocals, & programming Veronica Herrera - Guitar & Vocals Nikki Herrera - Violin, Electric Violin, Vocals Chris Johnson - Drums, Vocals Jim Young - Bass Guitar, & Vocals Steve Kimbell - Trumpet, Vocals, Sound & Lights

Established: 1999

What kind of music does Oracle play?

Oracle plays cover tunes from the 40s through today, from Abba to ZZ Top, from the Beatles to Lynyrd Skynyrd, from Engelbert Humperdink to Ricky Martin, from Brooks & Dunn to Pink...well, you get the picture.

We perform a variety of styles, including:

  • Top40
  • Country
  • Oldies
  • Classic Rock
  • Motown
  • Big Band
  • Swing
  • Techno
  • ........and more.

The full songlist is posted on our website at

We like to get input from the general public as well, so a form to suggest new material for the band to learn is located on the website as well.  To recommend a song for the band to learn, go to our Suggest A Song page.

Our songlist is over 500 songs long, so there really is something for eveyone.

How can a six piece band like this have such a big sound?

Technology is a wonderful thing. Through the use of MIDI technology we synthesize some of our instrumental keyboard parts to be played through sound modules that give the band a big fat sound that is perfect at any volume.

Our PA is customized to the venue.  By processing every instrument through the PA system we are able to control the sound to a degree that make every performance sound like a recording.  Indeed, many people have commented how they couldn't tell when the band went off and the DJ took over.  There are no floor monitors on stage to add to the volume, each performer uses in-ear monitors to enhance clarity & help keep stage volume low.

We are able to focus the sound onto the dance floor to keep energy levels high, yet keep the volume in the seating areas lower so people can talk without having to shout.  If you want us louder that isn't a problem, but we prefer to err on the side of caution.  Our clients always have the absolute final word with regard to volume.

Of course it doesn't hurt that we have more fun than anyone when we perform, and that enthusiasm is contagious. When we have fun, EVERYONE has fun!

How many shows does Oracle play per month?

Oracle performs 3-6 public public shows per month, plus private functions on top of that.

To check on the band's availability for a special function, visit the website for the most up to date list of available dates, and of course check out our public performing schedule right here on!