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Guest Book


I had brought my sister-in-law to watch you at Pat-Ricks. She had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. For the few hours you played you took he back in time to a happy place. Thank effect your audience more then you know !! :)  - Debbie Lease (2 years ago 10/1/2018   16:18)
Always a blast spending time with the Gigs ! Would just like to give all the guys a big thank you !! ALWAYS providing us with the greatest of entertainment. Can't get enough Gigs ! We love you guys ! See you all soon Debbie &Gene  - Debbie Lease (2 years ago 6/28/2018   14:26)
Hi Reed glad to see you again WOW. I was the guy in the 70's at the Seagull Inn who put the "Spot Light" on you guys on stage & poured the beer (All you can drink) You & the guys were my idol back then. Also "Loose Change" I'll be in touch  - (Lay Back Lenny) (4 years ago 2/1/2017   11:18)
Guys.............The Dejon winery is ripping us off. $10.00 cover charge. Must buy their wine only. What if you don't drink wine. We'll see you at Carson's creek side in January!  - Sweet Lou (4 years ago 12/20/2016   17:21)
Gigs, anxious to see you guys again at Patricks on Saturday the 12/3/16  - Joel (4 years ago 12/1/2016   16:03)
Reed. Do you remember me ? I talk with a limp and walk with a lisp. .Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt.  - Jim Brady (4 years ago 9/18/2016   16:22)
Glad to see the band is active again! See ya Dec 20th! Looking forward to catching up on old and new news.  - Jack Thon (6 years ago 9/25/2014   09:51)
Remember me? Locust Avenue Marty. Glad to see you guys back together. Still sound fantastic!! Se ya at the Luman  - Marty (Mell) (10 years ago 6/7/2010   15:08)
Hey Steve and Reed, Remember me. I went to Overlea withe Steve and sang in the Orems church choir with Reed and Darryl. I can't believe you guys are back together. Cool! See you at Boordy's.  - Diane Vinck (11 years ago 3/30/2010   07:08)
Hi from an old friend! It's great to hear that you guys are jamming. I just might have to come out and listen one night.  - Kirk Lindsay Dancy (11 years ago 11/12/2009   20:34)
Saw you at the free friday music in catonsville on july 31st 2009 thought you were the best. Excellent Jethro Tull music, and your music brought back memories I haven't had for a long time,,,THANKS!!  - Bob from Hampstead (11 years ago 7/31/2009   21:46)
Saw you at Dundalk Heritage, still good as the Sea Gull days I see. See if you can work "Nights On Broadway" & that Jeff Beck song back in. Also, like to hear Star Wars Theme.  - fitz family (11 years ago 7/4/2009   18:21)
Bill, your right it was the 9th grade boat trip. Reed I didn't see any Nazz or Moody Blues on your set list.  - Paul Wienecke (11 years ago 6/30/2009   08:50)
Wow seeing your name sure takes me back. I think it was the 9th grade boat trip back in the 60's when I first heard you guys play.  - Bill Pospisil (11 years ago 6/29/2009   15:33)
Glad to see you guys are back. I did the lights with Steve's brother Tom a few times for you. Can't wait to hear you again.  - Paul Wienecke (11 years ago 6/29/2009   12:59)
The Gigs are playing at the Dundalk Fair July 3rd!  - Bob (11 years ago 6/29/2009   10:45)
Does anyone know where The Gigs are playing next??  - Leslie (12 years ago 5/3/2009   15:29)
Saw you last 4th of July at the Dundalk Heritage Fair--it brought back old memories. Can't wait to see you again.  - Debbie (12 years ago 5/21/2008   14:16)
Saw you at North Point Junior High, can't wait for your appearance at the Lurman Theater  - Al in Catonsville (13 years ago 4/28/2008   14:01)
You are the BEST ever!! I really miss the old days.  - June (13 years ago 4/9/2008   18:04)
I can POD better than the true Goodale POD king. Taint monkey gooter.  - Shane Brady (13 years ago 3/17/2008   13:39)
reed. send me your e-mail  - russ (13 years ago 3/3/2008   09:33)
hey wasn't Steve in the Bristrols?  - Chuck (13 years ago 3/1/2008   02:52)
uncle reedy where are you guys playing and when ?  - kathleen dehn kate spenc (13 years ago 1/27/2008   21:05)
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