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Pop Pop Mark Story,:

A couple of years ago, I finally got up the courage to go on stage, get in front of people, and a microphone with my guitar.

Although I've almost always had a guitar in my possession, it was more for self entertainment or playing for my children.

I've never really sung and played at the same time. So there I was, panic stricken, trying to remember the chords and lyrics to a song I've known my entire life. Got through it. Nobody booed :). Actually, received applause and words of encouragement.  Didn't know about the adrenaline rush!!  My grandkids refer to me as pop pop mark. I play old songs. I'm old :) Pop Pop Mark on stage seemed natural.

So, the bug bit. I've played as many open mics as I could. Received tons of advice, encouragement and support from many talented people. (Thank you ALL). 

NOW, I'm much more competent and comfortable performing. People really seem to enjoy the music. An "Old Dude covering Old Songs"

Check out Pop Pop Mark music on FB to see some videos. (nothing professionally produced)

Looking forward to entertaining you soon!  POP POP MARK



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