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Since its inception in 2010, The Assisted Living Band (ALB) has been defined by its dedication to performing music from rock and roll’s golden era and beyond.  Each member of the six piece band boasts a minimum of 40 years of experience.  ALB was inducted into the Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame in September 2015.

Joe Brown has been playing in R&B bands since the age of 13.  He is an accomplished saxophonist and vocalist, but also plays keyboards, brass, and all woodwinds.

John Nowakowski has played many types of music, including big band, pop, bluegrass, and jazz.  An avid listener of Baltimore’s WCAO pop radio in the 50’s, there are few songs he doesn’t know.

Tim Aquilino is a classically trained pianist.  For over 35 years, he has contributed to a number of bands and recordings spanning a wide variety of musical genres - from rock to reggae.

Theresa Johnson has been singing almost as long as she has been talking.  She is having the time of her life representing the matriarchs of rock and roll with ALB.

Larry Welch first picked up a guitar in 1963 and has played in various bands since 1965.  Larry has performed professionally since the ‘70s.

Bill Davidson has a drum set for all styles and any occasion.  It’s only fitting that he plays nothing but vintage skins.