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The Undisputed Champions of the World (or UCW) is Maryland's own all-in-one party band. With musical content spanning over 6 decades and multiple genres including but not limited to pop, country, and rock and roll, UCW will keep any venue dancing all night long. Their setup incorporates modern technology and the use of electronic percussion which allows for one-hundred percent customization when it comes to sound, bringing a rich full big band sound at any preferred volume level. Whether it be bar, night club, wedding, or even just end-of-the-summer-back-yard-bash, UCW's quality music and happy-go-lucky attitude will take any event or occasion to the next level.


Website: http://www.ucwmusic.xyz

Email: ucwmusic@yahoo.com / (859)806-8445

Location: Maryland

County: Baltimore

How To Book: Contact Lucky

Will Perform: Anywhere

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