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The Magical Mystery Girls are an acclaimed all-female Beatles tribute band based in the Baltimore/Washington area.  Formed in 2017, each band member is an accomplished musician and vocalist that brings multiple talents to the band.  Playing note-for-note renditions of The Beatles’ songs with live woodwinds, The Magical Mystery Girls perform popular songs from The Beatles' catalog as well as many songs that are seldom performed live.  They have played both the Sgt. Pepper and Abbey Road albums in their entirety! Everything is always performed live - no samples!  Each show is a jubilant and memorable experience and a splendid time is guaranteed for all! 

Band members:
Linda Cote (bass, vocals)

Esmirelda (rhythm guitar, percussion, vocals, and odd noises)

Kimberly Spath (lead guitar, keyboards, vocals)

Jess McQuay (drums, vocals)

Charlene McDaniel (keyboards, woodwinds, violin, percussion, and vocals)

Katie Ravenwood (keyboards, woodwinds, vocals)


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