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About Us!

Party, party, party band!!!

We are a group of experienced musicians from a variety of bands who have come together to bring fun, tight music and a good time to all ages! 

Our only goal in life is to make you happy!

Jane - Lead guitar- Playing in party bands for years, she shows us that girls can have fun, too, and take you along for the joy ride!

B'Mac - Bass and Vocals - He anchors the band with his fabulous funk and great rhythm!

Travis - Keys, guitar, and vocals - A wizard of the keys and a voice that brings us into the new millennium!  With Travis, you just can't stop feeling great! 

Jeff - Drums - He's been banging the drums all over town and is always in the pocket! 

Tim -  Trumpet, vocals, harmonica.  He rounds us out with some great brass and some off the charts dance moves!







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  • Off the Ladder!
  • Off the Ladder!
  • Off the Ladder!