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A mix of elegance and function, this 10 piece band plays its homage to the recent touring versions of Steely Dan. Their show includes material from every SD album as well as some gems from Becker and Fagen solo projects.

Named Best Tribute Band in Baltimore by Baltimore Magazine!
“For years Steely Dan did not tour because their songs were too darn difficult to replicate on stage. And when they did tour, they had something of an orchestra in tow. So it was surprising to learn that a local group was tackling such elegant and beloved pop music. Led by 'Crack the Sky's' keyboardist Glenn Workman, the band not only plays selections from every Steely Dan album, it does so with the necessary precision and passion, horns and back up singers included. TMH proves you can buy a thrill - just check out one of their shows." - Baltimore Magazine

Winner of 2014 and 2015 Rammie Awards for Best Tribute Band!
Rams Head attendees vote each year for a variety of awards. All of the bands who’ve performed at the various Rams Head venues this past year were eligible with votes counted each February. Technicolor Motor Home was presented with the 2014 Rammie award as the winner for the Best Tribute Band, and again in 2015 we were honored once more. Thanks to everyone who voted!

The band is comprised of longtime Baltimore/Annapolis/DC musicians from such storied bands as Off The Wall, Hectic Red, non-fiction, The Heat & the Cold Sweat Horns, The Capitol Bones, Starbelly, Crack The Sky, meg & bryan, Tony Berry & New Money, The Bellvederes, Chuck Brown, Carey Ziegler’s Expensive Hobby, The Jarflys, Cry Monday, Naked Blue, Power House, The Suits, Palookaville, Spectrum, etc.

Glenn Workman - Keyboards, Vocals
Mark St. Pierre - Drums, Vocals
Ben Sherman - Guitars, Vocals
Anthony Setola - Bass
Meg Murray - Vocals
Jim McFalls - Trombone
Dave Makowiecki - Trumpet
Bryan Ewald -  Guitar
Barry Caudill - Saxophone, Wind Synth
Kelly Butcher - Vocals

We are occasionally joined on stage by these fine folks:
Jay Dulaney - Bass
Andy Shriver - Guitar
Jeff Chiaverini - Trombone
Rich Sigler - Trumpet
Denny Finnerin - Vocals
Amber Letters - Vocals
Jen Smith Vocals
Joe Farace - Guitar
Mike Young - Guitar

Keith Nachodsky has been our soundman since the first show, but when he has not been available we’ve been helped by:
Ethan Montgomery
Speedoo McFadden
Denny Finnerin - Vocals


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