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Jazz•fflu•enz•a noun \ˈjaz-ˈflü-ˈen-zə\ Definition of JAZZFFLUENZA 1 : Chronic condition that initially presents with a fervent belief that jazz is the central unifying language in which all equally tempered Western musical styles created with the human singing voice and/or human activated non-algorithmic music transducer devices (i.e. instruments) can be expressed. Advanced stages of the condition are manifest in the performer being absolutely convinced that well-executed jazz-infused music is entertaining to all listeners. Late/terminal stage of the condition occurs when inflicted performers begin to perform said jazz-infused music in public venues.   2 : The Baltimore based jazz group comprised of Phil Heiliger (piano), Eric Heavner (trumpet), Steve LoGrande (sax), Edward Plant (bass), and Timothy Ghiz (drums).

In other words, Jazzffluenza is a jazz combo comprised of five top seasoned veterans of the Baltimore jazz scene. We cover all styles from bop to funk and everything in between with our sets tailored to the venue and the mood of the audience. We do feature concerts, festivals, jazz brunches, private parties, public parties, burlesque shows, jam house-band shows, or any other excuse to play good jazz in front of an appreciative audience of any size.


Website: http://www.jazzffluenza.com

Email: email@jazzffluenza.com

Location: Maryland

County: Anne Arundel

How To Book: call or text 410-707-7365

Will Perform: MD, DC, DE, PA, VA, WVA

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