Jaded Love Band

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Song List

The journey/More than a feeling
Peace of mind
Rockn'roll band
Something about you
Hitch a ride
A man I'll never be
Cool the Engines
Don't Look Back
Its Easy

Separate ways 
Stone in Love
Don’t Stop Believing
Lights –Stay awhile  
Wheel in the Sky
Ask the lonely
Just the Same way
Lovin Touchin Squeezin
Don't stop runnin
Anyway you want it
Where were you
Feeling that way-anytime

Grand Illusion/Fooling yourself
Crystal ball
Blue Collar Man/Suite madam Blue 

Turn up the Radio
Beautiful Girls
Ice Cream Man
Hot for teacher
Whole Lotta Love-Good Times Bad Times
Kashmir-Ramble on
Living on a prayer
Last in Line
Highway to hell
Shook me all night  
Sweet Child of mine                                                                    
Double Vision  
Feels like the First time 
Fat Bottom Girls   
Still of the night 
Here I go Again                           
No one like you
Another thing comin                                                      
Summer of 69
Use your Love Tonight
Sweet emotion
Figured you out (Nickelback)
Hard to Breathe (Maroon 5)
Higher (Creed)
Paralyzer (Finger 11)
Pour Some Sugar on me
Bad Girlfriend
Crazy Train
I am the Walrus
Maybe I'm amazed
Love of a Lifetime
All Right Now